Weekend – Valentine’s – pizza, rom com’s and raw choccy hearts….

Any day is a good excuse in my book to rustle up something chocolatey in the kitchen. As a self confessed chocoholic my only concern when first learning about the raw food diet was that I would have to give up my daily fix. My worries were unfounded and I am now hooked on raw cacao.

So, there was no way I was going to let Valentine’s Day pass by without making one of my favourite chocolate deserts especially as it is so easy and simple to create.

The base is made with pecans and dates and the topping is avocado, coconut butter, raw cacao butter, raw cacao powder and some agave to sweeten. I used little individual heart shaped ramekins and once the desert had set turned them out onto plates to decorate. (I lined the ramekins with cling film first to help get the desert out in one piece!) I decorated with blueberries, grated dark and white cacao and spinkled with cacao powder. They looked really good and tasted even better!!

Our main meal consisted of pizza, cooked for hubby and raw for me. Hubby had veggies on his and I had caramelised onions – made from coating onions in a raw date paste and then deydrating for an hour or two.  We both had raw macadamia nut cheese on top. Both of us shared a salad and we washed it down with a bottle of beer!!

So there you have it, no fancy restaurants for us, just a simple home cooked/uncooked meal and a cheesy rom com in front of a log fire made for a perfect Valentine’s Day – oh, and some red roses also helped!!!…………………….


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