Tuesday – Age is just a number

In my humble experience it would seem that for some people – myself included – age takes up way too much thinking time. When you are younger you long to be older and then when you get to the age that you always thought would be hip and cool you start to long to go in the other direction again.

I remember once having a slight mid life crisis in a pizza bar at San Fransisco airport whilst hubby and I were killing time for a connecting flight to Las Vegas. The reason I found myself blubbering into a rather non descript cheese and tomato pizza was that we were on route to celebrate my 40th birthday and I just couldn’t quite believe that I had gotten to that age. I had a real problem with what is supposed to be a milestone and the gateway to euphoria – I mean life begins right – yeah right. All that was beginning was my mid life crisis.

Whilst I managed to pull myself together long enough for us to enjoy our holiday I can’t say that I got over being 40 all that quickly. In fact 2 years on I am still smarting over the fact that my age now has a 4 in front of it although granted the embers are cooling more rapidly now as I resign myself to the decade that is supposed to be the most fun.  After all as everyone always says ‘age is just a number it’s how you feel inside that counts’.

Well if that is to be believed then I should be ok for awhile yet as inside I still feel pretty much the same as I did when I was a kid – I certainly don’t feel grown up. Maybe the answer should be to stop acknowledging what age I actually am. I am not a number I am a free person and all that, or maybe I should just make it up as I go along. Or, maybe, just maybe I should let my mid life crisis finally burn itself out and start to enjoy my 40’s just as I have enjoyed all my other decades…….. just don’t ask me how old I am……..

Today’s food has been/will be:-

Orange, grapefruit, celery, spinach and banana smoothie

Orange, grapefruit and banana smoothie

Pineapple, coconut and banana smoothie

Apple and kale juice

Today’s exercise has been:-

Ashtanga yoga self practice

Ab workout

No chocolate today has been:-

Possibly a few moments of temptation – probably brought on by writing about my age!!!!!

Thanks for reading……..


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