Friday – TGFF

Many years ago when I was a 9 to 5 girl working in London Friday’s were my favourite day of the week. With the promise of two whole days to do what I wanted with stretching ahead of me I would sit and will the hands on the clock to move faster. More often than not Friday’s would find me in the pub at lunch time with a glass of wine and a jacket potato (these were pre raw food days) which would inevitablely mean that the afternoon would go even slower as I struggled to stave off the post lunch snooze attack.

Nowadays Friday’s don’t hold quite the same attraction as being self employed my work life is less structured and my work hours more erractic. However, I still get a sense of ‘ahhhhhh’ when Friday’s roll around as for one thing it means I can have a lie in on saturday morning – although this means being attacked by three cats all wanting morning cuddles – but hey cat cuddles at 6am are still better than getting up at 5am. I’ll take what I can get and be thankful.

So, today I am looking forward to the weekend ahead and the promise of sunny weather and a few hours preparing my veggie patches in the garden. Of course back in my London girl days the only gardens I would have seen at the weekend would have been beer gardens – oh how times have changed!!…….

Today’s food has been:-

Orange, grapefruit, spinach, celery and banana smoothie

Orange, grapefruit and banana smoothie

Pineapple, coconut water and banana smoothie

Apple and Kale juice

Exercise Today has been:-

Ashtanga yoga self practice to Navasana

No chocolate today has been:-

Tough – I’m saying no more.

Thanks for reading……….


3 thoughts on “Friday – TGFF

  1. Reading about wine and jacket potatoes reminded me of something I wanted to ask – apart from smoothies you don’t mention what drinks your diet includes. These are probably really stupid questions, but can you drink wine? And can you have any hot drinks – it’s another sunny but COLD day in Dublin here and I would be shivering without my coffee. I presume you drink lots of water – but can you drink hot water?

  2. I think if you are going to be a super strict take it to the tenth degree raw foodie then no to alcohol and hot drinks. Teas made by water warmed in the sun are supposed to be ok!! Obviously thought up by people who didn’t live in the UK!!

    As you may imagine I don’t take life so seriously as to obey all these dogmas and conditions so yes to wine (I try to buy vegan wine) and yes (big) to champagne (again vegan), yes to hot herbal teas and hot lemon with honey (it is raw honey though) and yes very occasionally to a cup of good coffee.

    Good question though and maybe I should do a post on the different levels of being raw??

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