Sunday – My ducks……..

Before I begin I must confess that I absolutely love ducks and so apologise in advance if this post seems to be a little over the top!!

Last year at around this time whilst lying in bed on a lazy sunday morning I noticed that we had a duck nesting on our garage roof. Over the course of the next few weeks we noticed her coming and going into her nest which was perfectly camouflaged by loads of ivy and so the perfect place for her to be. Until I got on the internet and found out a little more about ducks and their ducklings – of which we were soon to have many!!

Apparently once hatched the mother duck proceeds to return her brood to the body of water where she normally lives (in our ducks case a neighbours pond across the road) and her mate within 24 hours.  Hmmmmm……now her nesting spot didn’t seem quite so smart as she was about 8 foot of the ground and correct me if I am wrong here but ducklings haven’t got very big wings????

There was nothing for hubby and I to do but wait nervously for hatching day to arrive, hoping that we would be around to divert a tragedy from ensuing. Luckily she planned delivery day for a weekend and we were in the garden when hubby declared he could hear ‘cheeping’ coming from the roof. Sure enough as the day progressed the cheeps became louder and finally mummy duck emerged followed by 12 very unsteady babies. Then the fun began. The garage roof is corregated iron and sloped. Not a good combination for newly hatched ducklings. Two slid of the back into the field behind and hubby was immediately dispatched to rescue them whilst I dug out a crate to put them in.

Thankfully we saved them both and the others spent the day following a very distressed mummy as she tried to work out how to get them all off. We kept out the way so as not to upset her further and eventually she flew off the roof and landed in the garden waiting for her babies to follow. They weren’t having any of it though and congregated at the edge of the roof churping for all they were worth. Now it was our turn and hubby went up the ladder and managed to pluck them all off with me putting them safely in the crate. Next up was how to get them all to the pond and after a few minutes deliberation I decided to just go pied piper style and after showing her the crate full walked slowly ahead of her towards the field. She followed me all the way quacking her displeasure with the whole situation but we made it over the road and before long they were reunited and on their way to the pond and daddy duck. Hubby and I had a well deserved beer to celebrate!!

So, this morning I looked out of the window and there were two ducks outside. Whether they are the same ones I don’t know but it would seem that our garden in a good place to nest – although having cut the ivy back on the garage roof they may have to find another spot this year. I’m bracing myself for a repeat performance and getting the beers in ready. Haven’t told hubby yet that his duckling rescue skills may soon be required again!! Oh the joys of country living………

Thanks for reading……..


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