Thursday – More levels of raw……

Just as important to me as the food that I put inside my body is the skin care products that I put on my body because a fair proportion of those products get absorbed and end up inside as well. It makes sense to me to know that I am not blowing all my healthy eating by slathering chemicals all over my body when I could avoid it.

All the products I use have natural ingredients and I don’t use anything that contains sodium lauryl sulphates, parabens, petroleum based products or anything that is actually a chemical. If it has a warning against it in terms of ‘may cause’ then it sure as heck isn’t going anywhere near me that’s for sure.

The following is a list of the products I use on a daily basis:-

  • I use a vegetable oil based soap scented with essential oils that I get from our local health food shop.
  • In the mornings I just wash my face with water and in the evenings I gently exfoliate with an exfoliator pad infused with a few drops of lavender essential oil.
  • I moisturise my face with some lovely face cream from a company called Raw Gaia. There products are completely natural and very scrummy and last a surprising amount of time. I am also going to be experimenting with making my own face cream from coconut butter, cacao butter and essential oils – I’ll let you know how that one goes.
  • I moisturise my body with coconut butter infused with essential oils of my choice.
  • Shampoo/conditioner – at the moment I am using a brand called Faith In Nature which is working well. My hair care has probably been my biggest experiment to date. I have tried to go ‘no poo’ – no shampoo – and lasted about 10 weeks and although I got through the initial ‘yucky’ stages I can’t say as I really got used to it. I found that washing it every few days in ‘rhasoul clay’ helped keep it clean but my hair took on a very different texture when ‘unwashed’. My hair is quite long which didn’t help with a natural wave but it went very curly and in all honesty just didn’t feel clean. I may try again in the future but for now am happy using a natural product on it.
  • Toothpaste – we use a product from Green People, and I only brush with it once a day. The rest of the time I just use the brush and swill my mouth with water.
  • Deodrants – The best product I have used thus far is Tisserand’s deodrant range.
  • Perfumes – I use vegan perfume by a company called Dolma which I spray on my clothes rather than directly on my skin.
  • Make – up – I very rarely wear makeup any more – not practical in my line of work! but when I do I use products by ‘Beauty Without Cruelty – although I did borrow my sister’s eye shadow the last time we went out – no-one is perfect and mine had exploded in the bottom of my makeup bag (probably through lack of use and boredom!!)

So, for me what goes on is just as important as what goes in. I also only use natural products around the house and have been known to make my own as well. Vinegar is a god send for mirrors, limescale and the bathroom – although diluted and scented is best if you want to avoid your house smelling of a fish and chip shop!! I use olive oil as a wood polish and lemon juice is also a good astringent for cleaning kitchens, tiles etc. I love incense sticks and they certainly beat air freshners although nothing is as good as fresh air and open windows – although not in this weather and definately not when they have been muck spreading in the fields. One of the few hazzards of rural life in an arable area. We have to run the gauntlet of pesticides and fertilisers being sprayed on the crops on and off throughout the summer as well. On the days when the farmer is spraying we all stay in (cats included) and keep all windows and doors shut and hope for the best…….

Todays food has been:-

Orange, grapefruit, celery, spinach and banana smoothie – aka the usual.

Orange, grapefruit and banana smoothie

2 Mandarins

Very large salad with lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, carrot, avocado, cucumber, olives and olive oil dehydrated for about 30 minutes.

1/2 pineapple

3 kiwis

Exercise today has been:-

90 minutes Ashtanga yoga

No chocolate today has been:-

Haven’t noticed!!

Thanks for reading…………………


One thought on “Thursday – More levels of raw……

  1. The issue of beauty/hygiene products that contain crap like aluminium and parabens really annoys me, but I have so far found it impossible to find really good replacements that are good value for money – keep spreading the word Helen and hopefully one day we’ll be able to buy natural alternatives on every high street 🙂

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