Monday – a weekend of ‘uncooking’

I spent a lot of the weekend just gone playing in the kitchen. The thing with raw food is that it will either take a very short amount of time to prepare – salads, juices, peeling fruit etc or it will take forever. This weekend was the latter. I wanted to try some new recipes out courtesy of The Raw Food Chef – Russell James, but because they involved dehydrating I had to plan my weekend around them. A bit of a pain to be sure but the results were well worth it as the resultant dishes were scrummy yummy.

I made Falafel and hummus wraps with ‘roasted veggies’ and carrot cakes and both were delicious and lasted a lot less time than they took to prepare. Suddenly hubby is into raw food!! Both recipes can be found on Russell’s website – see the above link.

I also spent the weekend locked up in the greenhouse potting seeds out and tending to the young lettuce that I seeded a few weeks back and spinach that has been overwintering and suddenly gotten a new lease of life.

Our lady duck has now disappeared and I guess must be sitting on her nest. Daddy duck still comes for his breakfast, lunch, tea and various snacks during the day but he seems a bit lost without his mate. He quacks for her and then forlornly drops his head and waddles over to eat by himself. Its quite gut wrenching to watch and I have to stop myself rushing out to give him a hug – I don’t think he’d appreciate my sentiments. Will keep you updated as to when D-Day is (Duckling Day)

Food today has been:-

Green smoothie – oranges, grapefruit, celery, spinach (from garden!!) and banana

Salad – lettuce, toms, red onion, avocado, cucumber, beetroot, olives, sprouts and olive oil

Satsuma x 3

Apple x 2

1/2 pineapple

Drinks – water, chandra piedra tea, hot lemon and honey

Exercise today has been:-

Rest day

Thanks for reading…………………….


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