Wednesday – Day 17

It’s beginning to feel a bit like ground hog day with these fitness updates………so apologies for that. The truth is though that I am pretty much doing the same sort of exercises each day – treadmill, interval training and yoga and today has been no different.

The treadmill and interval training I had done and dusted by about 7am this morning and then I went out to do a yoga class. It is a full moon today and traditionally in Ashtanga yoga you wouldn’t practice on either a full or a new moon. So today’s class was more like a workshop and more stop/start but very productive nonetheless.

Food today has been:-

Green smoothie – oranges, grapefruit, celery, spinach and banana

Pineapple and mango juice x 2

Orange, grapefruit, cucumber and spinach juice

That’s all there is to report for today.

Thanks for reading………….


Have finally got around to posting a recipe with avocados on my main website. Follow the link here. I am trying to work on an e-book of my favourite raw food recipes at the moment so hopefully will have something up and running soon.

In the meantime enjoy making Key Lime Pie – it is yummy………

Tuesday – Day 16 – catch up!!!

I seem to have missed out a few days so sorry for that. Rest assured though that I have still been training and that my challenge is going really well. More than half way through now and I am beginning to see and feel the benefits. The interval training is getting easier (did I just say that!!) and it seems less brutal on my legs now which is a blessing. No more walking like I am about to have an accident!!

It is great that the sun has finally decided to come out and I am hoping that I can get outside and do some workouts ‘al fresco’ soon.

Exercise for the past few days has been:-

Day 13 – saturday

Treadmill x 30 minutes

Ashtanga yoga – short standing practice

Day 14 – sunday – was a proper rest day this week as we were out all day.

Day 15 – monday

Treadmill x 30 minutes

Interval training

yoga – short standing practice

Day 16 – today

Treadmill x 30 minutes

Interval training with client – same workout as last week.

No yoga today as have back to back clients until later tonight.

Food over the weekend has been pretty much as usual i.e smoothies, salads and lots of fruit (and maybe some raw ice cream and raw cheesecake creeping in here and there!!)

Food today has been:-

Green smoothie – oranges, grapefruit, celery, spinach and banana

1 x pineapple and 1 x mango

Orange, grapefruit and banana smoothie

I am trying to juice/do smoothies for the next few days so will let you know how that goes.

Hopefully am now back in the swing of posting daily updates until the challenge is over.

Thanks for reading…………….

Friday – Day 12

Missed update for yesterday as the day just seemed to slip through my fingers. All going well though and as long as I stay focused and do the majority of my workouts first thing then I am ok.

Day 11 exercise was :-

Treadmill – 30 minutes

Upper body workout – same as the weights programme last week.

Ashtanga yoga x 90 minutes practice with friend/teacher. She teaches me on a wednesday and we do a self practice together on a thursday.

Exercise today has been:-

Treadmill x 30 minutes

Interval training – 30 sec work/10 secs rest x 3 rounds

  1. Squats and shoulder press – left arm
  2. Squat and shoulder press – right arm
  3. Wide leg burpee
  4. One leg bridge lift – left leg
  5. One leg bridge lift – right leg
  6. Press ups
  7. One leg lift and sit – left leg
  8. One leg lift and sit – right leg
  9. Plank

Yoga workout – 90 minutes

Food today and yesterday has been the usual ie. Green smoothie, salad and fruit. Have a raw chocolate pudding tonight but then I am feeling that I need to do a juice/smoothie feast for a little while. More details in the next few days.

Thanks for reading…….


An extra post today to make up for the lack of one yesterday. Fitness challenge update to come but firstly I have been tagged in the ‘Gratitude’ award. Thanks Candi. I have to list 5 reasons for which I am grafeful and then nominate 5 others for the award.

After a bit of thought and trying hard to be original but probably failing terribly I have come up with:-

1. Sunny days and the chance to turn the heating off – oil fired and very expensive!!!

2. Pineapple, mango and banana smoothies – summer holidays in a glass…..

3. Friday’s – always give that lovely end of the week feeling and the promise of two whole days of me time.

4. Chris Evans on radio two – showing my age but he never fails to put a smile on my face and kick the day off with a chuckle.

5. Watering the seeds in my greenhouse and getting excited over the newest shoots to emerge – I know, I need to get out more.

Now for the difficult bit, I don’t actually read too many blogs so have decided instead to send this award out to my facebook friends. So, my 5 nominations for this award are:-






Now I just need to work out how to get you all too see this!!

Wednesday – day 10 and a lone duck egg…..

Day 10 already and I am a third of the way through my 30 day fitness challenge. I am pretty sure that I will continue with the running and interval training after the 30 days are up but this challenge has been a great way for me to bring the focus back to my own fitness programme.

Exercise today has been:-

No treadmill today as my legs and quads in particular were really stiff yesterday and this morning so I gave them a day off to recover. They already feel a bit looser so hopefully by tomorrow they will be back on form and I can resume with the running.

Ab workout

  1. Leg lift, V crunch, bum lift x 20 reps – lying on your back with legs extended along the floor raise both legs together to 90 degrees making sure that the lower back doesn’t arch away from the floor too much. Take the legs apart to a ‘V’ and do a crunch taking the arms through the legs. Close the legs and do a bum lift – bringing hips and bottom up of the floor. Lower hips and then lower legs to about an inch from the floor before starting over.
  2. 1/2 bridge lift, toe crunch x 10 reps each leg – lying on your back with knees bent and feet hip distance apart. Raise the left leg to 90 degrees and do a bridge lift (lifting hips and bottom off the floor) return hips and with leg still raised perform a toe crunch – taking hands to toes. Lower leg and repeat on other side.
  3. Side plank lift x 10 reps on each side – lying on your side with top leg resting on floor in front of lower leg (like open scissors) Have bottom arm bent at 90 degrees so you are resting on elbow and forearm. Elbow is directly below shoulder. Lift torso off the ground making sure that the top shoulder doesn’t come forwards. Lower and repeat.
  4. Plank 1 min – either on elbows or hands make sure bottom isn’t too high – you want a straight line from shoulders to feet.
  5. Boat – Sit with knees bent and feet on floor. Leaning back slightly but not too much lift legs into air. Keep bent and aim to keep torso as upright as possible. Count for 5 breaths then release. Do 5 sets aiming to get the legs straighter each time.
  6. Boat/sinkĀ  x 10 reps – starting in boat as above, lower legs and torso down towards ground at the same time until feet and shoulders are about 1 inch above ground. Come back up to start position in a smooth motion not using the shoulders as momentum.

Workout 2 – 90 minute ashtange yoga class.

Food today has been/will be:-

Green smoothie – the usual

Salad with salmon – the usual

1 apple

3 medjool dates

1/2 pineapple

1 mango

Small bowl of strawberries

How I feel today:-

My energy levels are definately getting better and my legs in particular feel as though they are firming up. My arms are becoming more defined and the abs are beginning to peak through and look a little more interesting!!

Other news:-

Today we found a duck egg outside by one of our veggie plots. I have no idea how it got there but it is undamaged so I have put it in a box encased in straw and it is now sitting on top of our arga which may be a bit too hot for it but as I have absolutely no idea of what I am doing or what I am expecting to happen to it I will leave it there for a bit and then transfer it too the airing cupboard. I doubt it will hatch but you never know………

Thanks for reading……..

Tuesday – Day 9 and creating a habit

They say it takes 2 weeks to create a habit so I must be well on my way, which is why it is feeling quite natural to be waking up and getting straight on with my workout. No ‘shall I, shan’t I’ debates with myself, it is just part of my normal morning routine.

So, today exercise has been:-

2 workouts

Workout 1 – treadmill x 30 minutes – fartlek interval training. For this type of training intervals are random in length and speed. I did a combination of walking, hills and jogging.

Interval training – 30 secs work/10 secs rest x 3 rounds.

  1. Low jumping jacks – start with feet hip distance apart in a plie stance (feet turned out), hands to back of head and knees bent. Jump feet back to centre and then back out to start position keeping stance low throughout.
  2. Pike press – Stand in wide legged position, hands on floor, bring elbows and head down towards floor and push back up to start.
  3. Mountain climbers – squat thrusts using alternate legs to jump back.
  4. Tricep leg lifts – down on mat lower upper body down towards floor with elbows tight into side. Bottom is high. Hold in this position whilst lifting first one leg into the air and then the other.
  5. Superman – lying on front with arms outstretched. Lift one arm and opposite leg together, return and repeat with the other arm/leg.
  6. Vertical leg lifts – lying on back take both legs up in the air at 90 degrees. Perform crunches taking hands to toes.
  7. Leg raise – lying on back raise both legs at the same time to 90 degree position and then lower to just an inch above floor and repeat. Make sure the abs are engaged throughout and that the lower back doesn’t arch.

Workout 2 – yoga practice to end of standing.

Food today has been/will be:-

Green smoothie – oranges, grapefruit, celery, spinach and banana

3 medjool dates – post workout

Large salad* – lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, sprouts, beetroot, carrot, raw sheeps cheese and wild garlic

1/2 pineapple

1 mango

1 apple

drinks – water and rooibos tea

* Just to clarify a little with the size of my salads. I use a serving bowl to put my salad in and it is usually full to the brim. It takes me about 1/2 an hour to munch my way through it all. I will try and remember to post a picture up of the size of the bowl just to give you an idea of how much I am actually eating.

How I feel today:-

My legs are aching again – urrgghhhh – thought I had got through the pain barrier from last week but alas not. I haven’t been blasting them with cold water in the shower post workout this week so maybe I need to start doing that again. Aside from walking like an old crock though I am still really enjoying the challenge and finding that I am pushing myself with every workout – probably why my legs are aching?????

Thanks for reading………

Monday – Day 8 and weekend update

Day 8 today and another busy day with clients so this post will be short and sweet.

Exercise over the weekend looked like this:-

Saturday – day 6

Yoga practice to end of standing sequence and some hip openers – about 30 minutes

Sunday – day 7

Active rest day – bike ride approx 7 miles

Today’s exercise has been :-

Workout 1 – treadmill x 30 minutes. 5 minutes warmup followed by 1min/2min intervals – 1 min fast running/2 mins jogging to recover

Workout 2 – with client. Normally I wouldn’t work out with a client but this is someone I have been training for some time so she knows what she is doing and it provides her with extra motivation to workout with me – i.e she likes to see me suffering too!!!

We did – interval training 30 secs work/10 secs rest x 3 rounds

  1. Squats with shoulder press – left arm
  2. Squats with shoulder press – right arm
  3. Wide leg burpees
  4. One leg bridge lift – left leg
  5. One leg bridge lift – right leg
  6. Plie squat jumps
  7. High knees and get ups
  8. Press ups
  9. Plank

Then we did an upper body workout – 15 reps of each exercise

  1. Upright rows
  2. Lateral raises
  3. Rotator cuff
  4. Reverse curl
  5. Pec dec
  6. Tricep extension
  7. Bicep curl

Then we did an ab workout – 10 reps of each exercise

  1. Leg raise, v crunch, bum lift
  2. Side plank crunch
  3. Boats x 5

We finished with plenty of stretching.

Food today has been/will be:-

Green smoothie – oranges, grapefruit, celery, spinach and banana

2 x apples

6 medjool dates

Large salad with lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, sprouts, salmon, beetroot, cucumber and olive oil dressing

1/2 pineapple, kiwis, strawberries.

I was asked to explain in more details what each of the exercises are that I have been doing in my workouts. I haven’t the time to go through them all today but I will certainly post more detail tomorrow.

Thanks for reading…….

Friday – day 5 and duck update!!

I’ve definately got the Friday feeling now as have just got back from the last of my clients for the week and with the promise of a ‘warmish’ and busy weekend ahead of me its time to kick back and enjoy the prospect of a lie in for the next two mornings.

I have enjoyed revving up my training this week and now that my legs are over the inital shock of ‘interval’ training I am looking forward to doing more of it next week.

Exercise today has been:-

2 workouts

workout 1 -treadmill x 20 minutes the same as the last two days.

Interval training – 30 secs work/10 secs rest

  1. Low jumping jacks
  2. Pike presses
  3. Mountain climbers
  4. Tricep leg lifts
  5. Superman
  6. Vertical leg lifts
  7. Leg raises

Once at 7 work back up the list to 1 again, this equals 1 round. Complete 2 rounds

Workout 2 – 90 ashtanga yoga practice

Food today has been:-

Orange, grapefruit, celery, spinach and banana smoothie

6 medjool dates

2 apples

Salad with lettuce, wild garlic greens, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, sprouts, cucumber, beetroot and sunflower seeds.

1/2 pineapple, 1 mango and some raw chocolate sauce

How I feel today:-

Legs are a lot less achy now and almost back to normal. Waist is showing signs of tighting up with indentations beginning to appear around the obliques. Overall feel a lot ‘stronger’ already after just a week.

Other news – I have finally tracked down where our ‘mummy’ duck is nesting and surprise surprise she is back on the garage roof. The ivy that we cut back last year to discourage her has actually grown back sufficiently on the far side of the roof (that we can’t see) and she appears to be nesting in the middle of it all. She is really well camouflaged and if it hadn’t been for ‘daddy’ duck hanging around in the field behind the garage I wouldn’t have been watching and seen her fly back to the roof. At least we know where she is now and can keep an eye out over the next few days – I think she is due to hatch out next week. Ladder is at the ready, emergency rescue plan has been drawn up and beer is in the fridge. Will keep you posted……..

Thanks for reading……………

Thursday – Day 4

Short post today as busy busy with clients.

Exercise today has been:-

Workout 1 – treadmill x 20 minutes same as yesterday

Ab workout – only 12 minutes long. It is my belief that you don’t need to be doing hundreds of crunches in order to attain a washboard stomach. Good diet, no fat in the stomach area and a reasonable amount of exercise will help you achieve your goals. Think quality not quantity when doing ab exercises. The important thing is to keep good form throughout the exercise i.e holding the tummy in, not to pound away doing hundreds of crunches and only getting the form right for a few of them. My ab workout this morning looked like this:-

  1. Leg lift, V crunch, bum lift – 20 reps
  2. 1/2 bridge lift, toe crunch – 10 reps each leg
  3. Side plank lift – 10 reps each side
  4. Plank – 1 minute
  5. Boats x 5 holding for 5 breaths each
  6. Boats lowing down to floor and coming back to boat x 10

Workout 2 – ashtanga yoga practice to end of standing sequence.

Food today has been:-

Orange, grapefruit, celery and banana smoothie

6 medjool dates

1 apple

1 bar conscious orange chocolate

Cauliflower ‘couscous’ – cauliflower, tomatoes, olives, courgettes, red onion, wild garlic and seasoning.

1/2 pineapple and 1 kiwi

How I feel today:-

Legs are a lot less achy which is really good. Feeling a bit tired but then today is proving to be a hectic day. Roll on this evening and bed……..

Thanks for reading, more tomorrow………………….