Tuesday – Evaluating my diet and exercise

Yesterday saw me sit down and have a good long think about my exercise and diet regimes (for want of a better word) and after sleeping on it last night I have decided to implement some changes as of today.

Exercise first – for many months now my own exercise programme has revolved soley around Ashtanga yoga. I love it and it isn’t about to change.  When I get on my yoga mat the whole world disappears and I find myself concentrating on my breath and posture and pretty much nothing else. My mind doesn’t start wandering off wondering what to cook for tea, for 90 minutes it is all about my body and movement. However, lately I have found myself missing my running. Running used to make up a large part of my fitness programme and the time I spent either on the treadmill or on the road was my ‘me’ time. Time to think and let my mind wander. I miss it and I also miss the training for and the challenge of races, even though I was never very fast I still got a buzz out of taking part. Although I haven’t the time in my schedule to train for half marthons and marathons like I used to I realised yesterday that I have got the time to train for 10K’s and shorter distances. So today I got up and took the dust sheet off the treadmill and got back on. It felt good. I also want to do a 30 day fitness challenge for my website which will involve daily videos and so I need to get ‘fit’ for them as well. I have a window of 1 hour in the morning whereby I can legistically run and workout and still manage to fit in my yoga 5 times a week as well. I’ll post more detail in the coming days and link to my website when the 30 day challenge is up and running.

I have also been having a bit of a re-think about my diet. I love raw food and do not intend to change anything radically, but, over the weekend we managed to source some raw goats and sheeps cheese (unpasturised) which was very exciting (I know, I need to get out more!!) I also ate some fish which I must confess to missing enormously. So, I made the decision to allow both fish and raw cheese back into my diet. The rest will stay the same so I guess I will be 90-95% raw?? something like that which feels ok.

These were two quite big decisions for me, especially the diet, but I am glad I have finally addressed them. I love that my fitness programme is always evolving and I guess my diet will too. I am sure once I am living in Bali – my current dream location – then I will drop the cheese and fish and probably eat exclusively fruit, but for the time being it is what it is.

Today’s food has been:-

Green smoothie – oranges, grapefruit, celery, spinach and banana

2 apples

Large salad with lettuce, red onion, cucumber, olives, beetroot, tomatoes, sprouts, raw cheese and unrefined olive oil.

1/2 pineapple

2 clementines

2 bananas

1 bar conscious chocolate with maca, vanilla pods and wild blue-green algae (yummy)

Exercise today has been:-

20 mins on treadmill

Ab workout (about 20 minutes)

30 minutes ashtanga yoga self practice

Thanks for reading………


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