Thursday – Gearing up for a challenge…….

On Monday I am embarking on a 30 day fitness challenge. I need the motivation of a challenge and my body needs a kick up the booty to push me into summer – which is going to be glorious this year folks – you heard it here first – and so plenty of opportunities to rock a hot body.

Most people assume that because I am a Personal Fitness trainer then I must be exercising all day. That’s a myth I’m afraid. When I am with clients then I am not training – they are. It is my job to motivate them and to make sure that they are doing the exercises with the proper form. I couldn’t do that if I was exercising as well. I may run and power walk with some of them but for the most part I am not training with them. Which means that I have to find other times in which to do my own exercise. This can be tricky as I also have a life that needs organising – food to shop for, chores to run etc, etc. In short I live in the real world with all its distractions and so I too find it difficult to always find the time and stay motivated. Which is why having goals and setting challenges can be so helpful. I love a challenge and have been a bit short of them lately as I have been concentrating on my yoga so much that I haven’t even allowed myself to think about doing anything else.

That is all about to change though and I have set myself some challenges for the rest of the year which start with my little 30 day fitness challenge that will kick it all into orbit.

As part of my challenge I intend to start running again. The last run I had was the London Marathon last year. I haven’t worn my running trainers since and they have been sitting very sadly and dejectedly in the shoe rack for the best part of a year. My heart strings have finally been tugged though and I will be dusting them off and giving them some TLC in the days to come in order to have them in tip top condition for the start of my challenge.

So, as well as continuing to improve with my yoga my additional goals for the next 30 days and beyond are:-

  • To run a 45 min 10K
  • To have a ‘washboard’ stomach and a well defined ‘six pack’ – I have at various times in the past had a two, three (strangely!) and even four pack but never the full ‘you could bounce a tennis ball of it’ six pack.
  • To improve my cardio fitness with interval training.
  • To be able to do full, nose to floor press ups without going bright red and imitating a dying pig!!

I will try and blog daily throughout my challenge and I will also be paying more attention to my diet as I will be increasing my exercise levels quite significantly. I am really excited about the challenge and hope to video my progress throughout the 30 days.

Until Monday, thanks for reading…………….


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