Wednesday – Day 3

Having got over all the ‘excitement’ from yesterday I was back to the workouts this morning nice and early. Up at 5am and juice made and on treadmill before 6am. Watched sun come up as I got some miles under my belt and was rewarded by a display of hunting skills courtesy of the local barn owl. He was out hoping to catch a mouse or baby bunny – of which there are many at the moment. One corner of my garden is seriously out of bounds unless you fancy yourself as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ falling down a rabbit hole!!

Anyway, the owl made it worth while getting up early and certainly made the run seem less hard work. Gave the legs a bit of a rest this morning and did an upper body workout instead before going to a yoga class. I was a bit worried the legs wouldn’t be up to 90 minutes of yoga but it actually did them a lot of good and I came away feeling incredibly stretched.

So, today’s exercise has been:-

2 workouts today

Workout 1 – 20 minutes on treadmill – 5 minutes warm up and then a straight 15 minute run

Upper body workout with 6lb weights

2 rounds of the following exercises, 1st round 20 reps with oblique twists between each exercise, 2nd round 10 reps no rest between exercises.

  1. Upright row
  2. Lateral raise
  3. Shoulder press
  4. Rotator cuff
  5. Reverse curl
  6. Pec dec
  7. Tricep extension
  8. Bicep curl

The two rounds took about 15 minutes in total.

Workout 2 – 90 minute ashtanga yoga class.

Food today has been:-

Orange, grapefruit, celery and banana smoothie

5 medjool dates – post yoga workout

large salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, red onion, raw sheeps cheese, sprouts and olives

1/2 pineapple

1 apple

1 kiwi

How did I feel today:-

Legs still achy so I sprayed with very cold water in the shower again for a bit longer this time. Not sure if its working or not but will keep going with it for a few more days. The running felt easier this morning and I was able to ‘comfortably’ run for 15 minutes. Am really enjoying the additional workouts thus far but then I am only 3 days in!!.

Thanks for reading…………..


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