Friday – Day 12

Missed update for yesterday as the day just seemed to slip through my fingers. All going well though and as long as I stay focused and do the majority of my workouts first thing then I am ok.

Day 11 exercise was :-

Treadmill – 30 minutes

Upper body workout – same as the weights programme last week.

Ashtanga yoga x 90 minutes practice with friend/teacher. She teaches me on a wednesday and we do a self practice together on a thursday.

Exercise today has been:-

Treadmill x 30 minutes

Interval training – 30 sec work/10 secs rest x 3 rounds

  1. Squats and shoulder press – left arm
  2. Squat and shoulder press – right arm
  3. Wide leg burpee
  4. One leg bridge lift – left leg
  5. One leg bridge lift – right leg
  6. Press ups
  7. One leg lift and sit – left leg
  8. One leg lift and sit – right leg
  9. Plank

Yoga workout – 90 minutes

Food today and yesterday has been the usual ie. Green smoothie, salad and fruit. Have a raw chocolate pudding tonight but then I am feeling that I need to do a juice/smoothie feast for a little while. More details in the next few days.

Thanks for reading…….

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