Tuesday – Day 16 – catch up!!!

I seem to have missed out a few days so sorry for that. Rest assured though that I have still been training and that my challenge is going really well. More than half way through now and I am beginning to see and feel the benefits. The interval training is getting easier (did I just say that!!) and it seems less brutal on my legs now which is a blessing. No more walking like I am about to have an accident!!

It is great that the sun has finally decided to come out and I am hoping that I can get outside and do some workouts ‘al fresco’ soon.

Exercise for the past few days has been:-

Day 13 – saturday

Treadmill x 30 minutes

Ashtanga yoga – short standing practice

Day 14 – sunday – was a proper rest day this week as we were out all day.

Day 15 – monday

Treadmill x 30 minutes

Interval training

yoga – short standing practice

Day 16 – today

Treadmill x 30 minutes

Interval training with client – same workout as last week.

No yoga today as have back to back clients until later tonight.

Food over the weekend has been pretty much as usual i.e smoothies, salads and lots of fruit (and maybe some raw ice cream and raw cheesecake creeping in here and there!!)

Food today has been:-

Green smoothie – oranges, grapefruit, celery, spinach and banana

1 x pineapple and 1 x mango

Orange, grapefruit and banana smoothie

I am trying to juice/do smoothies for the next few days so will let you know how that goes.

Hopefully am now back in the swing of posting daily updates until the challenge is over.

Thanks for reading…………….

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