Tuesday – Juice Feast day 2

It always takes me a few days to get into the swing of juice feasting and this time around has been no different. Some people do all their juicing first thing and so then it is done for the day but this can be quite time consumming and as I tend to do my workouts first thing I find that I only have enough time to make two juices before I have to be out of the door. So, back home for lunch today and straight to the juicer to make another two juices to last me the rest of the day as I have another client later tonight.

I also fitted in a trip to the supermarket today to stock up on extra produce. I always get a few funny looks at the checkout as most of my shopping is fruit and veg on a normal day so when I am juicing then I really have a lot!! We also run our car on veggie oil in the warmer months of the year and our supermarket is doing a good deal on this at the moment too so today I had a trolley full of fruit and veg and about 10 x 3 litre bottles of veggie oil. No wonder the checkout girl looked at me strangely- maybe she thought I was going to deep fry everything…..

Todays juices have/will be:-

Orange, grapefruit, celery and spinach

Orange, grapefruit and apple

Pineapple and mango

Pineapple, pear and cucumber

Today’s exercise has been:-

1 hour interval training with client

1 hour ashtanga yoga – self practice

Thanks for reading and happy juicing……….


3 thoughts on “Tuesday – Juice Feast day 2

  1. I know what it’s like to get looks at the checkout – tho’ usually to do with my kids! Do you ever feel the need to explain? Or wish you were wearing a T-shirt with a message?

  2. tues:
    apple, 2 oranges and 75ml low fat probiotic yoghurt to make into a smoothie with the juice.

    lowfat tracker bar as i was working this morning

    2oranges, 2carrots, beetroot and cucumber.
    Didnt really like this one needed to be sweeter.

    nibbled on some cooked chicken

    will do another fruity one for dinner as i have work tonight

    exercise was
    1/2 hour cardio box which included 1 min interval training, about 6 of these.

    no headaches today and had quite a bit if energy too.

  3. Whoo hoo, well done Annie. My last pineapple based juice was a bit disappointing. Its always best to juice and drink pineapples straight away not leave them to stand. It was palatable though and I managed to get it down.

    Bluesky – emmm I have tried to explain I’m a raw vegan but to be honest the blank looks I get are even worse than the strange looks to start with!!! so I tend not to say anything anymore. Maybe a T shirt would be a better idea……

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