Monday – Juice feasting day 8

The weekend went well and the juice feast continues. Basically my juices seem to have fallen into a set pattern and I am having the same everyday with the odd variation here and there. I had more orange based ones on Sunday as we were out for much of the day and they travel better than the others and last for longer.

Exercise over the weekend was :- gardening on saturday – digging over a new flower bed so pretty strenuous!! and a bike ride and yoga on Sunday.

Weight this morning was 132lbs – total lost so far 5lbs

Juices today have/will be:-

Orange, grapefruit, celery and spinach (4 oranges, 1 pink grapefruit, 6 sticks celery and 200g spinach)

Orange, apple and grapefruit (4 oranges, 1 pink grapefruit and 2 apples)

Carrot, apple, cucumber, spinach and lime (3 carrots, 3 apples, 100g spinach, 1/2 cucumber and 1 lime)

Pineapple, mango, kiwi and blueberry (1 pineapple, 1 mango, 2 kiwis handful blueberries)

Exercise today has been:-

Interval training with client x 1 hour

Full ashtanga yoga self practice x 90 mins

How I feel today:-

Really pleased to be on day 8 of a juice feast – something of a first for me. Also pleased that some of my ‘winter weight’ is finally coming off. Still have lots of energy and a lovely calm and mellow feeling.

Thanks for reading, happy juicing…………….

3 thoughts on “Monday – Juice feasting day 8

  1. weekend i relaxed the juicing and did just breakfast juices
    had company sat so ate with them

    back on it today
    redgrapefruit, 2 oranges, 2 apples

    1/2 pineapple, 2 oranges and 150g raspberries

    might have a dinner might do a juice not sure.

    still got quite alot of energy, dont feel like ive lost thou! 😦

    exercise today started a dvd and then stopped 1/4 through couldnt be asked???

    walk to school this afternoon thou which is a 50 min round trip.

  2. Congratulations both of you on 8 days on a juice feast. When I was at College, there was a model living in our flat and she used to do a two day juice feast before shoots, where you whizzed up bananas, orange and lemon and took it 4 times a day. I used to use that for a quick fix weight loss, but these days I just feel faint if I get too hungry.

  3. Annie, I’m sure you have lost weight, I don’t look any different yet but I’ve dropped 5lbs. What happened with the DVD- not like you……??x

    Bluesky – the thing with the juice feasting as opposed to fasting is that you will lose weight but its not quite so drastic. With the feasting you aim to have 4 quarts (about 4.5 litres) of juice a day and that way you are keeping up the calories. I couldn’t do it and still keep on the exercise and yoga otherwise. x

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