Tuesday – recovering from bank holiday weekend……

Once again the bank holiday weather has had the last laugh. After spending the weekend prior lapping up some gorgeous sunny bliss the bank holiday arrived and did what it does best. Yep, it rained and the wind howled and it was less than excellent weather for doing anything other than staying indoors.

Unfortunately a brave contingent of friends had made plans to come up to our neck of the woods and camp/caravan for a few nights and so this weekend found us – 8 adults and 4 children huddled into a very small but very cosy little caravan that was a godscend in protecting us all from the latter stages of hyperthermia.

It was a fab weekend catching up, hatching plans and learning new skills – a particularly competitive card game played with a friends 11 year old – I won but only barely and I’m still not sure of the rules!!!!

Eating was ok – salads, fruit and juices all prepared beforehand but I will confess that the niggling voice in the back of my head saying ‘go on eat something warm’ is getting a little bit difficult to ignore as the bad weather presses on. Today, the 1st June saw me going into town in a puffa jacket and gloves – not too mention the layers I had on underneath. I mean come on, give me a break………………….. I think I may have mentioned that I love the sun so I really don’t have to say how much I HATE the cold. The heating has now been turned off to conserve money for one thing (oil fired central heating doesn’t come cheap) but also because……well its June for pity sake………..so working with gloves on is the order of the day at the moment. Its amazing how well my typing has improved since wearing them – he he……………..

Anyway, rant over and bowl of pineapples and strawberries to consume to cheer me up a bit……

Today’s food has been:-

Orange, grapefruit, celery and spinach juice

Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, sweetcorn, red onion, raisins, seeds and coconut oil dressing with a hot curry powder

1/2 pineapple and strawberries

Haven’t eaten that much today as I am really not that hungry and I don’t like eating just for the sake of it. Think my body is using all its energy to stay warm so no time to be hungry!!!! Will have some more fruit later if I get hungry after yoga.

Today’s exercise has been/will be:-

90 minute ashtanga yoga class

Hoping for warmer weather tomorrow…..

Thanks for reading………………


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