Tuesday – striving to reach another level…

It’s been four years since I first learned about raw foods and in that time I have changed the way I eat to what I would describe as a ‘high raw’ diet. Sure I am 100% raw pretty much all of the time but when the occasion arises I will allow myself to eat bread, rice, fish and sometimes cheese. Not to heinous a crime I know but the consequences of eating these foods always leave me feeling physically rotten and battling an overwhelming urge to eat more of them which then makes me feel emotionally rotten. Why do I still want to eat these things when I knew full well that they aren’t doing me any good??? Why can’t I stick to eating my lovely raw food diet 100% of the time no exceptions??

The final piece of my food puzzle has been slotted into place for me courtesy of a client – slight irony there I think! – she lent me the book entitled ‘The End of Overeating’ by David Kessler and it has been an amazing eye opener to read so far and I am only half way through it. There has been an epiphany for me on every page and I read it open mouthed and loudly venting my shock and anger at the food industry as I go. It’s definately worth a read and I highly recommend it to everyone. No-one should have the power to manipulate your food the way these players do……

It has been the push that I needed to finally embrace the raw food life in its entirety. No more playing around on the fence and jumping off to the other side with a feeble excuse only to come back with my tail between my legs and the stomach ache and bloating that usually accompany such excursions.

From here on out it’s raw food all the way, everyday until I pop of to another dimension although seeing as I don’t intend that to happen until 2080 at the earliest I may have to play that by ear as food could be a completely different ball game by then. However, here and now in 2010 is where I am at and for this moment in time I commit to being 100% raw.

I am posting my daily progress on our forum – under the group ‘ diary room’ so if you want to come and join us there you can keep up with how I am doing and perhaps share your stories with us all too…….


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