Monday – already!!!!

How can it be monday again already – seriously does someone wind the hands of the clock up so they go faster on a weekend. Its not fair……

I did get a lot down this weekend though so I guess that maybe one reason for it to have gone so fast. Saturday was the usual clean the house day – a cursary whip round with the duster and blast with the bathroom cleaner whilst hubby does battle with the vacuum and the cat hair!! It always looks so much better – for about 5 minutes it seems. Oh well it will look good again next saturday.

After cleaning which is definately my least favourite task it was on to some cooking/uncooking as I was feeling rather creative. I made cakes – raw for me and a cooked victoria sponge for hubby which lasted little over 24 hours – the boy did good….. my raw creations faired a little better with the last three being consummed today – 1 by me and 2 by hubby. He seems to have turned into a cake monster……

Next up was raw sweet potato crisps which came out really well even though they take an age in the dehyrdator. Definately one to make when there is other stuff going in as well. I also made a beetroot ravoli for my tea on saturday night. This entailed making cashew nut cheese as the filling and a red pepper sauce to drizzle over for serving. I had this dish last year at the raw food restaurant ‘Saf’s’ in London and have been meaning to make it ever since. It didn’t disappoint and was every bit as good as I remembered. I also made some savoury tart cases which I filled with some of the cashew cheese and some caramelised onion (date sauce) and red pepper. These formed part of my packed lunch that we took out with us on the sunday.

Weather permitting, sunday is usually our day out on the bikes. We are lucky where we live that there are plenty of places to go with the bikes where it is lovely and quiet and you are not in any danger of being knocked of you bike at any moment or dying of carbon monoxide fumes….. We ended up on a disused railway line that has been turned into a cycle trail. There are quite a few of them doted around in Norfolk and we have done most of them now. The countryside is lovely and you cycle through open fields, wooded areas and cute little villages. We took a packed lunch with us – hubby eyed mine with quite some interest – emmm…..maybe I can turn him raw after all….. I had my veggie tart with a tomato, cucumber and black olive salad with some sweet potato crisps. I also had some raw vanilla cupcakes and a pot of grapes. Yummy……

So, a very busy but rewarding weekend and now its down to work again whilst looking forward to next weekend……


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