Vacuum storage bags and garlic mushrooms…..

An odd combination I will admit but these two things have been a real revelation to me today.

Vacuum bags because it means I can take more of my clothes than originally anticipated – and that is good news believe me because even after three weeks of extemely harsh pruning my wardrobe was still looking unlikely to fit into the suitcase I had allocated myself for life in a caravan (and it is a very large suitcase) But fear not with the aid of quite a few vacuum bags I have managed to squeeze all essential items of clothing into said suitcase and am feeling very happy again. It has to be said that the vast majority of my wardrobe consists of very summery outfits and an obscene amount of bikinis – I counted about 20 this morning – all of which would seem to be rather useless in an English summer so I suspect that my subconscious has been planning this move for some time…….

And as for the garlic mushrooms – well I had the urge for something garlicky this morning and so chopped some portobella mushrooms and simply marinaded them in some olive oil, salt and tonnes of garlic. They were delicious…….and didn’t last very long…….

That’s it for another day…..more boxes, more lists and another glass of wine…….

The cats are off to the vets in the morning for their rabies jabs so wish me luck. We only have to go down the road but the chorus of wails and meows that they treat me to is quite impressive.


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