Rabies jabs and a whole lot of wailing…..

Oscar, Tinker and Molly known collectively around here as ‘the babes’ had a trip out in the car today down to the vets to receive their rabies jabs so that their passports could be stamped up to date and they are cleared for travel….

The vets is less than a 5 minute car journey away and I am a careful and slow driver especially when they are on board but predictably they wailed the whole way there taking it in turns to let out the loudest and most pathetic sounded cries that you have ever heard. Once at the vets I had to wait 30 minutes even though there was noone else there and then when I finally did get to see the vet she informed me (in a very apologetic tone it has to be said) that she only had enough vacinne for two and that one of them would have to come back next week. Sharp intake of breath from me, even sharper one from the cats when they realised one would have to make another trip. The rest of the visit was uneventful and the cats behaved themselves until we got back in the car when the wailing recommenced (yes I know Spain is a longggggggggggggggg way….)

So, who has to return next week……not an easy decision as they are all pretty bad in the car so I had to take each case on its merits.

Oscar is the male of our little pack. He is big, very fluffy and a real softie. He likes to think he is a big macho cat but in reality he is just a big pile of squidge. He had to go to the vets last week as he needed some dental work done and I took him to our old vet who is a bit further away – an hours journey each way. He wasn’t in the best of moods when we got there and actually pooped his pants just as we arrived so that alone earns him the right to sit the next vets visit out.

Molly is the baby of the family and the loudest. She meows all the time, constantly and likes nothing more than to be cuddled on demand. She had a big accident with a car last year and lost one of her back legs as a consequence and so now vet visits can be quite traumatic for her as she never knows if she is going to leave with all her remaining limbs!! So she gets an exemption from next weeks visit as well.

Which leaves Tinker who is the mummy of the group. She looks after everyone, washing and grooming them all and generally keeping them in tip top condition. She is 17 now and going a little bit ditzy and although she can meow as well as the rest of them she is also the easiest to calm down. So, poor Tinker pulled the short straw and will be returning with me next week to have her jab.

I am also going to be purchasing something called Feliway, which is a spray made from natural ingredients that is supposed to help calm animals down. Anything is worth a go as otherwise our journey down to Spain is going to be very traumatic for all of us……and if it doesn’t work on the cats then I will just use it on John and I…….

3 thoughts on “Rabies jabs and a whole lot of wailing…..

  1. Blue SKy – they don’t have much choice really as they are coming too……I’m sure they will adapt ok.xx

    Laurei – Thanks honey, glad you enjoyed the cat bit I have a feeling they will be featuring more regularly once we start on our trip. xx

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