Out with the old and in with the new…..

Weekends are supposed to be nice restful affairs are they not…..well definately not this weekend. The frantic activity started early on Friday evening when someone came to buy our sofa. It is very empty and echoey in our lounge now – its amazing the difference two pieces of furniture can make.

Saturday morning found hubby ringing around for cars and mapping out several different appointments for us to go and see. We started in Watford – about a 3 hour car trip away from us and basically got no further than that. After a thorough checking over and test drive it seemed we had found the car that is take us on our trip across Europe. She (we characterise all our cars which is probably a bit sad!!) is a Ford Galaxy as in the picture above but in burgundy – not that colour matters too much but I’m sure I can accessorise nicely with her!! Next up a spot of haggling – I moved away at this point as it always stresses me out – but hubby is a master of the haggle and he got 10% dropped of so happy all round. I drove her home and she was a dream to drive. Cue sighs of relief all around and a nice bottle of cava to welcome Gigi to the family – yes we have named her too……..

Sunday saw us parting with more of our possessions – a 7ft christmas tree, my treadmill, tumble dryer and a mirror. Some friends also came across and the four of us dismantled our greenhouse in the pouring rain – for three hours. Wet doesn’t even start to cover it……why are we moving to Spain again??????

So a successful if very busy weekend – I was glad to go of to work this morning for a rest. Next up caravan….


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