Its amazing how many memories are rattling around as I make my way through the house packing things up.

I have moved many times but I have never taken time over each item like this before deciding whether to sell, take or store each precious belonging.

Today I went through our CD collection which is rather substantial and can’t all come with us and practically every CD brought a smile to my face or a laugh that I actually once liked that particular band or singer. These CD’s are like the soundtrack to my life. There is David Bowie who I loved as a young teenager – although then I used to play a vinyl not a CD on a little portable record player at full volume (which really wasn’t that loud at all) to annoy my parents whenever they had done or said something that didn’t go down well with my angsty teenage self. The 70’s & 80’s were a huge influence on me music wise (it still takes nothing more than a bad tune from either decade to get me up on the dancefloor hurling myself around for all my worth) so they make up a large portion of our collection. I’m nothing if not diverse though and smattered amongst Bowie and Abba and all my 80’s favourites can be found Celtic music which I love and classical and lots and lots of Christmas carols including a CD of christmas tunes to the beat of steel drums that we brought on our honeymoon in Barbados and which I play every year whilst putting up the christmas decorations.

Hubby has his favourites too – lots of ACDC (oh how I remember going to see them with him – I couldn’t hear for days!) and his favourite (and allowed) female singer fantasy – Kylie. I have Robbie on my list and his CDs feature heavily too.

Choosing what was to stay and what is coming was no easy task and I fear I may have too many in the to take box – weight is an issue apparently when towing your home behind you – we may need something more substantial than Gigi at this rate!!………………….

Once done with the CD’s I moved on to sorting our glassware out and realised that we pretty much have a glass for every sort of drink going – not a good advert for a Personal Fitness Trainer and would be health freak!! In my defence I would say that we hardly use them anymore (hic). Our drinking style has definately changed over the years – for one I no longer drink pints of bitter – thank goodness as they are neither ladylike nor do much for the waistline. Hubby has a selection of beer glasses from his time living and working in Hasselt, Belgium back in the heady days of our fledgling romance. We have wine glasses and decanters a plenty from our time living in France and lots of champagne glasses as our tastes acquired the more expensive habit of quoffing Dom Perignon and Krug. My favourites I will store or take but the rest will be sold or given to charity shops so others can have the pleasure that we have had over the years that drinking out of a nice glass can give.

All this memory recall can make for tiring work though and I think I may leave it there for today and go and do something less thought provoking instead – I have a HUGE pile of ironing that can no longer be ignored but which is perfect to switch of too……….oh and one of the cats needs rescuing after entangling herself in bubblewrap – maybe she is trying to tell me something and just wants to stay there until it is all over. I may just join her……………………


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