This time next week we will (hopefully) be sitting on a French campsite, breathing a huge sigh of relief and laughing at the events of this week………..

As the pace quickens to our impending move my nerves are becoming more and more frazzled with the seemingly endless amount of sorting it is taking to arrange everything. Hubby returned from taking Gigi for an MOT (she passed) to find me having a complete meltdown at the top of the step ladders!!!!! not a pretty sight I am sure. He managed to persuade me to come down and the meltdown passed as they all do but I will be so glad when the next few days are over.

We are off back to the tip in a moment – we are on first name terms now and I half expect to get a Christmas card from them!! so will sign off there for now. I may not have a chance to update things now until we are on the road so see you in France folks!!!!!!!


Now it feels real…….

Woo hoo……..we have a caravan, what a relief. After a very long and tiring few days our search ended much further afield than we had hoped – we hit the road at 6am yesterday and didn’t get back home til gone midnight this morning!!

BUT, we finally found our caravan – the picture isn’t actually ours but it is the same make and model.

Bessie the caravan (named because she is a Bessacar Cameo 500GLE – so obviously a Bessie) is still ‘up north’ where she is having all her predispatch checks and a few odd jobs done on her to make her ship shape for us to take. We collect her next Tuesday which is cutting it fine as we leave on Thursday but it justs adds to the fun right!!

The search of the last few days has been pretty manic and we have been running on adrenaline for most of the time. We have looked at so many caravans and seen for the most part some real dross. We aren’t buying new and the second hand market is still overpriced (like most things it seems) and so to find something that is actually fairly priced and not in apalling condition is no mean feat but Bessie certainly fits the bill and as we drove home last night the excitement was beginning to trickle through – hubby even managed a celebratory whoop of delight in the middle of the motorway services carpark!! In the howling wind and rain no-one noticed except me who was whooping along as well!!

The next few days are going to be mega busy as we frantically tie up all the loose ends, take copious amounts of rubbish down the tip including some left over furniture, clear the last of the garden, pack up the last of the storage boxes, finish scanning about 3000 photos to the computer, pack up the caravan when she arrives, clean the house and whatever else needs doing that I can’t even think about at the moment!!

We also have to keep abreast of the situation unfolding in France. They are striking against a proposed raise in retirement age from 60 to 62 and are blockading oil refineries which has caused big fuel shortages all across the country. Unfortunately we can’t get across France on one tank of fuel and so we could be stopped up there for longer than we want!! Fingers crossed the situation will be resolved before we get there next week.

So, thats our latest news and progress report!! 9 days to go and it feels very real now……………


More goodbyes…….

Today saw me carry out my last Personal Training session. It has been a bitter sweet week saying goodbye to clients, some of whom I have been training for the last four to five years.

We have had such fun working together over the years – granted at times they would have disputed the term ‘fun’ – burpess and mountain climbers are not most peoples idea of an enjoyable way to spend an hour, but hopefully the giggles we have had along the way make up for the sweat and torture I have often inflicted on them.

Getting to do something that you really enjoy is a priviledge and certainly not something that falls into the category of work and I thank each and everyone of my clients for allowing me into their homes every week.

If you are reading this as I know some of you do then I hope that you have all gained something from our time together and will take that on either working with other people or continuing on your own.

Although I am now turning my attentions towards yoga and fullfilling a long held desire to roam the world (or at least a small part of it) my love for Personal Training remains and you never know – I may be back one day and look you all up to start over again – be afraid…… very afraid………he he.

And for those of you who have caught the yoga bug from me then I truly hope I will see you on a mat near me in the not too distant future as you sample one of my retreats.

Good luck and thank you all for some lovely times together……….




I woke up this morning feeling frazzled – not good after 8 hours of supposedly restorative sleep, that didn’t work then…..I was feeling very anxious about the lack of caravan and the fact that the clock is ticking…..loudly it seemed. Everything was winding me up, the dogs next door barking, our cats indoors meowing, even Chris Evans on the radio couldn’t raise a smile instead making me even more ratty that he was so happy jabbering on about something or other when all I could think about was HOW EMPTY OUR DRIVE LOOKED……..

We have just over two weeks left and over the course of this morning I managed to convince myself that at the end of that time we are going to be sleeping in the back of the car – all five of us!!!!!

Of course eventually I managed to calm myself down and sit long enough to reason with myself. Two weeks is long enough – one day is long enough to find and buy a caravan. Why am I so preoccupied with having it now – actually I’d rather have it yesterday if at all possible – he he, no but seriously why am I buying into this desire to have everything before we actually need it. The caravan will appear on our horizon at just the right time and there is nothing we can do to expediate that. I have to have PATIENCE. Its a good lesson to learn. To truly understand that I have everything that I need right here and right now and whatever I need for the future will find its way to me when I need it to.

So, I’m taking a deep breath and giving up feeling like this

and concentrating on feeling like this

I reackon it will serve me better, make the process a little easier and also save me from the divorce courts!!!!

Oh and other things I have learnt today – don’t let your cats sit on your husbands office chair as it makes for 40 minutes of hair removal when you want to come and sell it!!!! either that or give the cats a number 1 hair cut and buy them a jumper…….

Tomorrow I am going to post about raw food – which is actually what this blog is supposed to be about after all…….




It was bound to happen, the realisation that I am leaving behind precious people that mean a lot to me in my life. People that I have got used to seeing as and when I wish but will no longer be able to do so.

I was planning to go down to London this weekend to see dear friends and family but have had to cancel those plans due to us being – well – ‘up against the wall’ is the nicest phrase I can think of. I have lived away from these people before and I know that it will all be ok, but for a moment this morning I needed to mourn the loss of ease with which I will be able to see them.

In an ideal world I would live in my paradise with all my family and friends close but that is not possible. For one my idea of paradise and theirs may well be two different things and so they would not be happy in my oasis of bliss. So, I will take them with me in my thoughts safe in the knowledge that they will always be a part of my life and that I will never have to go further than my heart to find them.

Sometimes when you are sad you just have to remind yourself of the good things that you have and I count myself very lucky and blessed that I have such wonderful people in my life to miss………..and on that note I feel the wine calling………cheers here’s to plenty of good times ahead.

Less is More

Moving abroad in a caravan is certainly an exciting thing to be doing – quite romantic really if you think about it, or is that just me!!- and its definately the realisation of a  long held dream for both of us. But, for me it is also an experiment. An experiment about letting go of material possessions, of space and of the feeling that both of those things are what I need to live a fulfilling life.

To say that I have a lot of stuff is an understatement – confirmed by the many weeks spent sorting through it all. To say that I have a lot of stuff that I never use is also very true, but like many of us I have fallen into the trap of thinking that I still need those belongings.

We come into this world with nothing but the bodies we inhabit and we leave the same way, but when we leave someone else has to step into the space that we lived in and sort through all the stuff that we left. It’s no longer any use to us and probably not much use to those we leave it to either as they already have all they need themselves.

Now I’m not saying that we should go through our lives with nothing – obviously we need clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads to protect us from the elements if nothing else, and then we need a bed to sleep in and pots and plates to eat off and the list goes on. But my point is that we really don’t need as much of that stuff as we think we do and it is that thought that I am enjoying playing around with at the moment.

Just how much do I actually need. Do I really need 8 differents scarves and an assortment of hats when one will clearly suffice. Do I really need different plates to eat off when most of my food can be eaten from my hands – raw food is very versatile like that.

Having limited space to accommodate our possessions is making me think of these things in a very realistic way. Its making me acknowledge the fact that I can actually live a very simple live and hopefully feel very fulfilled doing it.

I hope that our transition to living with minimal possessions will be a smooth one, but I’m not niave enough to think that it wont be without its ups and downs. I’ll let you know about them as they happen as I want to be real about this. I’m hoping that I can live without all the entrapments that I have collected along the way but I may surprise myself and find that actually I am the kinda of girl who does need 8 scarves and 20 bikinis’…………..I’ll let you know……..


The count down has started……

It feels as though we are officially counting down to the off. I had the first of many ‘farewell’ lunches and nights out on Monday. Its amazing what saying you are moving abroad can do for your social life!! I have never been so busy – he he.

On the home front about 95% of our furniture has now been sold. We have two wardrobes and a washing machine left to shift and a huge car boot sale to do and then whatever is left after that will find its way to either a charity shop or the tip.

So, does this mean we now have a new shiny exciting caravan sitting in the drive………….emmmmm no…………… not yet anyway but I have every confidence that we will be looking out the window at our future home very soon. I’m positive of it……absolutely certain…….no problems………..

In the meantime it is all systems go with scanning photo’s to store digitally, downloading CD’s onto the computer and going through my wardrobe once again to make sure that I really do need everything that is still in there. I am still filling bin bags with clothes and trust me there are still plenty left!! (hubby don’t read that bit!).

Boxes are being sorted for storage, money being changed into euros and lists written, rewritten, ticked off, added too and amended on a near hourly basis.

We have also booked our channel tunnel crossing which has definately made it all feel much more real. We have gone for a very early crossing which means that travelling down to Folkestone in the dead of night might be slightly easier than fighting our way around the M25 in daylight hours. I figure that until I get used to towing a caravan the less cars, lorries and other caravans I have to deal with the better.

I am also beginning to make a list of raw goodies that I need to prepare ahead of time to see me through our 2 week drive down to Spain. We are mapping the route out this weekend complete with a few stops off along the way to do some sightseeing and have a bit of a holiday as well. I think after the events of the last two months we are all going to need one……….

The King has lost his throne…..

I got back from a busy day yogaring, teaching and shopping to discover that hubby had managed a bit of a sales spree himself and gotten rid of (i.e. sold)  a few more of our possessions.

Amongst those things gone today was the dining room table and its six chairs which is great news for us as another large item ticked of the list but not such good news for Oscar who ‘owned’ one of the chairs. It was his, covered in his blankets and his fur and wow betide anyone else – human or furry – who dared to sit on it. It normally resided right next to the arga so absolutely perfect for those chilly winter and summer days but it was known to migrate around the house to keep his nibs happy. (See attached picture of him in the living room over Christmas!!)

Now it is gone and he is bereft without it. I got a full blown account of his displeasure when I arrived home – I kid you not, cats have feelings and are perfectly capable of letting you know about them. When Oscar is unhappy he usually gets his point across by running around at about 100miles an hour – not bad for an old boy – like he is on the wall of death and doing what we call ‘mooseking’ at the top of his voice. To clarify ‘mooseking’ is a variation on a meow and to the uninitiated it sounds like someone has trapped his tail in the door whilst simultaneusly pulling out his claws one by one. Its not pretty. After two bowls of food, a cuddle and some rather large sprays of feliway around the bedroom he is now recovering on the bed.

All quiet for now but I hate to think what will happen when its time for bed later. We may be wearing ear plugs tonight.

Suddenly I am wondering whether or not it is such a wise decision to be taking 3 cats on a trip around Europe in a glorified tin can…………oh well too late now and it should make for some interesting blogging entries!!!!!!