This time next week we will (hopefully) be sitting on a French campsite, breathing a huge sigh of relief and laughing at the events of this week………..

As the pace quickens to our impending move my nerves are becoming more and more frazzled with the seemingly endless amount of sorting it is taking to arrange everything. Hubby returned from taking Gigi for an MOT (she passed) to find me having a complete meltdown at the top of the step ladders!!!!! not a pretty sight I am sure. He managed to persuade me to come down and the meltdown passed as they all do but I will be so glad when the next few days are over.

We are off back to the tip in a moment – we are on first name terms now and I half expect to get a Christmas card from them!! so will sign off there for now. I may not have a chance to update things now until we are on the road so see you in France folks!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Meltdown!!!!!!!

  1. I can’t believe that you found the time to post! Really hope that it all goes smoothly over the next few days and that there is an Indian Summer waiting for you in France x

  2. Ha ha….having a crafty break sat on the floor (no desk anymore) waiting for John to finish up so we can do the tip!! Not sure about an Indian Summer in France but it is 72 degrees where we are heading in Spain!! The French are too busy revolting anyway!! xx

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