The journey begins……

Well, we are now in Spain and hopefully only a day away from our final destination if the wind dies down that is. This afternoon got a little lairy on the autopista with Bessie being buffeted around and the windsurfer on top of the car doing a fair impression of the Irish jig, so if it continues into tomorrow we will be having a day off……

But, let me take you back a week and a half to when we left England. The last few days were just crazy busy with so many trips to the local tip that we were all on first name terms by the end of it. We drove up to Glossop on the Tuesday to pick up Bessie and after about an hour and a half of ‘orientation’ and copious note taking we were off. By now it was about 6pm, dark and rush hour around the ring roads in Manchester so we had a baptism of fire in terms of getting used to driving a 37ft rig.

9 hours later at 3am in the morning we arrived home and fell into bed only to get up again a handful of hours later to begin loading the caravan and cleaning the house in preparation for the handover the following day. Needless to say another late night followed and we awoke on our final morning in Diss with a list as long as our arm and a panicked look on both our faces.

The handover took place at about 2 in the afternoon and then we were left locked out of our now old home racing against the clock to finish clearing the garage – another load down the tip – and get down to my parents for the evening before our tunnel crossing early on the friday morning.

The cats were in the caravan by this stage and took it in turns to press their worried faces up against the windows and paw to get out – not a great start to their life on the road it seemed…….

Finally at about 6pm we were loaded and ready to go but then disaster – we turned the lights on the car on and nothing happened at the caravan end……..There was nothing for it but to take the bikes back off the car and unload some of the boot to get at the electric connections – all by torch light as we had no access to the house and outside lights. Two hours later we were finally sorted and ready and we began the journey down to my parents with fingers crossed that all would be ok.

What we had intended to be a pleasant evening with my ma and pa with a evening meal and leisurely chat turned into about 3 hours of quick showers and lots of coffee and not so leisurely chat. We were both running on adrenaline by this stage although hubby did manage to get his head down for an hour.

Before we know it we were back on the road for the channel tunnel and arrived with about half an hour to spare for our crossing. The cats were meowing for all their worth, we were tired and surviving on lots of hot, black coffee but we were finally there. We had been working like mad for the last two months and at times it seemed we wouldn’t get to this point but now here we were navigating ourselves onto the train and heading for our new life in the sun……………

To be continued……..

One thought on “The journey begins……

  1. Great to hear your first instalment!!! You are both amazing – despite ll the setbacks you sound totally unfazed by it all!!
    Hope it will get better and that you (and the mogs!!) enjoy!!
    Bennie and Chloe send their love too!!

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