Establishing a routine…..

The thing about Brits and hot weather is that we don’t get it very often and so when we are in the sun it feels like we are on holiday!!

Trouble is we are not and so we are trying very hard today to establish a normal work routine.

Living and working in such a small environment is taking some getting used to as every piece of space has a dual or even triple purpose. The ‘dinette area’ of the caravan is hubbies work station during the day but has to be cleared away every evening in order to turn back into our ‘dining room’.

Under normal weather conditions I would be able to work on my laptop out in the awning but it is very windy today and so the bed is doubling up as my ‘office’ as well as a general lounging area for the cats who have decided the weather is not optimal enough for them to venture out into today.

It all takes a bit of organisation as spreading out too much means encroaching on the others’ space and when it is at such a high premium it becomes almost sacred.

Hubby and I are lucky in that we are used to spending a lot of time in each others company. Neither of us has had a regular 9 to 5 job for years and so we spend more time together than most married couples of our age I would say. That said we are now having to get used to not only spending all of our time together but also to doing so in one small space.

So far so good though and there have been no major fall outs as yet……some minor grumbles yes but nothing that requires a good door slamming and stomping off into another room, which is just as well as the only other room we have is the toilet and that would be like retreating into a broom cupboard – not good and wouldn’t sooth the temper any!!

The picture above was taken on Saturday when we were out exploring. It is down on the beach front in a place called Torre del Mar about 20 minutes or so away from us. We had a great time exploring and getting orientated with little things like where to get stamps, and where to make cheap phone calls back to the UK. We also found a little health food shop which I was happy about and there were an abundance of bars with a lot of Brits in them taking leisurely lunches. You can spot us a mile off as we are all in summer attire and flip flops whilst the Spanish are dressed up in tights, boots and scarves. Both are looking at the other as if to say – are you mad?? They have obviously never experienced an English winter – or summer for that matter. I don’t think they would survive but happily they don’t have too and nor do we this winter……….

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