I have a confession to make…..I haven’t been raw for the last……..actually I’m not sure of the exact time scale as so many things have happened lately that they have all blurred into one, but, if I had to hazard a guess then I would say about 6 weeks or so. Maybe more, maybe not but definitely somewhere along the way of sorting out and selling furniture and buying cars and caravans and boxing up our old life I stopped thinking about eating raw and started to think about eating for comfort.

Moving is stressful at the best of times but when you decide to move countries in 2 months in a caravan that you have never driven before and can only pick up 2 days before you leave then hell…….pass that chocolate……..NOW!!!!

I thought that once we were on the road I would get straight back into eating the raw way but by then I was in a mad eating frenzy and completely fell into the lure of pain au chocolat and french bread and cheese and boy oh boy…..

It has taken me until now to rise up out of the need to eat to reassure myself, to give comfort, to feel old patterns nurture me. Now I am back to eating what makes me feel good instead of what stops me from feeling. Now that we are relaxing and realising just what it is we have achieved, now that we are beginning to expand into the life we have wanted for so long; a life of simplicity. Now it is possible to eat in a simple way and eating raw is as simple as it gets.

I am still eating some cheese but it is raw, unpasteurized sheep’s cheese, which there is an absolute abundance of here. Whether that continues or not who knows but for now I am back to being content with what I am eating and thankfully beginning to lose the weight that 6 weeks of unbridled eating has piled on.

So breathing a big sigh of relief that the feeding frenzy is over……..and looking forward to lots of raw goodness in the days to come.

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