Size isn’t everything……

No, its not a post about that!!!! although it got your attention didn’t it??

12 years ago we built a house in the Lake District in the UK. It was a big detached house with 4 double bedrooms, a big ensuite bathroom with double shower, a big main bathroom with double ended bath and laundry shoot, study, lounge, dining room, utility room, big kitchen and double garage – lots of doubles and lots of space – you get the general idea. I tried to find a good picture of it but the one I wanted is amongst those photo’s that I haven’t scanned yet so the best I can do is show this one which is halfway through the build but hopefully it gives an idea of its size.

Like I said everything about this house was big and it was a fun place to live for sure especially when it was full of people. It was a real ‘party’ house. The kitchen I had in this house was big too (again no photo – sorry). It had a central island, lots of lovely shiny stainless steel appliances and lots of counter space. Cooking in it was a dream and because downstairs was all open plan I never felt left out of the party by being stuck in the kitchen.

Fast forward 12 years and we are now living in Bessie.

And this is my kitchen (taken in the middle of preparing lunch!!)

It was one of my concerns (at the back of my mind) when we decided to finally go for this ‘live simply and on the road’ kinda lifestyle, that I would mind the lack of space. Remarkably I don’t. It doesn’t actually feel any different having a big home to having a little teeny tiny home and whilst it was certainly lovely having a big house and lots of space it did take a lot of energy filling it up and then even more energy keeping it all clean and tidy. Now a quick 5 minute whizz around with the dustbuster and the housework is pretty much done!!

I am realising – with a certain measure of relief it must be said – that all I really need is my absolute soul mate and best friend (hubby in case you were wondering!!) and my three gorgeous and very loveable fur babies and I really am one content and happy girl.

So, there you have it – size doesn’t matter – at least not in this case!!

Oh, and for all of you back home in cold, wet and windy Blighty the weather today has been a paltry 13 degrees and it rained all morning. Still it made for some cool skies first thing and hubby took the following piccies on his morning walk just as the sun was coming up. Enjoy…….


2 thoughts on “Size isn’t everything……

  1. Hi Helen

    Just wanted to let you know I am following your blog. The house in the Lake District looks lovely, I know just what you mean about space. I am starting to ‘hate’ the house we will live in now. It’s too big, old, dark and cold. Just fostered a cat and 2 kittens for the RSPCA, which made me see it’s draw-backs even more!

    Anyway good luck- not that you need it


    We are due to leave the UK end of next year to another ‘posting’ – hoping it will be somewhere in the Far East.

  2. Hi Michelle, I’ll get a better picture of the house in the Lakes posted soon as the one above doesn’t do it justice.

    We are enjoying Spain so far and the cats love the warm sunny days – lots of sunbathing opportunities. Good luck with the cat and kittens – do you have them for long?? and I hope you get the posting you want. xx

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