Yesterday we walked the mile down the road into the village of Iznate to explore. It is a typical little village of this area, being built into the hillsides with white washed buildings. We were going to do a video but it is windy again today so the sound quality wouldn’t have been great so instead I took lots of photo’s that I hope you will enjoy…….

Iznate from a distance, perched precariously on the hillsides.








The soil here is very dry and made up with lots of scale. So, there is a problem with subsidence. There are lots of half derelict buildings dotted around that have literally had the ground fall away from under them. These boulders are one way of attempting to hold the hillside back….






These methods don’t always work though…..last winter after some particularly heavy rains two portions of the road literally fell away down the hill!!!! yikes, keeping fingers crossed for a dry winter this year.







They are obviously very proud of their little village…..








Orange groves in the surrounding hills……








Lots of very narrow, steep streets……








Well cared for houses……








Beautiful gardens……










And of course lots of stray cats…….








And dogs…….








One of the best things about Iznate (from a former Personal Trainers perspective of course) is that they have a little outside gym area with about half a dozen or so resistance machines that work on your own body weight. They seem to be a common thing here as we have seen them in other towns/villages as well. I don’t know how much they are used but we had a go and they are effective and a really good idea. So, I think we will be popping down to the ‘gym’ over the coming months.

This one is like a seated chin up. You sit on the chair and then pulling pulling down on the bars raises the chair up. Very effective I have to say…….







Standing on the circular plate that rotates you hold onto the bars and then twist from side to side – great for the obliques…..







Not sure what this one did but hubby thought it was amusing none the less…..








Iznate also boast two bars, two supermarkets, a bank and on the afternoon we were there some sort of live music for vodaphone was going on!! not bad for a little village in the hills…….







2 thoughts on “Iznate

  1. Hi Helen

    Just to let you know I am reading your posts, I have come off facebook (became a bit of a pattern – working on breaking those!)..all good here..just wondering about any yoga pics!

    Glad you are having such a great time!

    Leigh xxx

  2. Hi Leigh, I was thinking I needed to email you as had noticed you were missing from FB. Glad all is well your end. Life good here and falling into a routine with my yoga – at last!!!

    I was thinking just yesterday that I should take some yoga shots so watch this space as they say.

    Good to hear from you…….H xxx

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