Two week update……

Its been two weeks since we arrived in Iznate here in the southern coast of  Spain, which means that its been nearly a month since we left the UK. In some ways it feels as though we have always been living in Bessie and in other ways it still feels very much like an adventure.

We have fallen into an easy routine of work and play. The sun is out again today and so lunch was taken al fresco which is hard to believe seeing as it is almost the end of November. It is my birthday this weekend and I have only ever spent it in the sun once before and that was when I got married so this weekend I am going to make sure I have a picnic on the beach and enjoy being in the warmth.

We are still trying hard to get to grips with the language and need to buy another CD player as ours got broken in the ‘wind’ escapade on the way down here. Then we can play our language CD’s in the evening and start to make some progress. It seems a relatively easy language on the surface but there does seem to be a requirement to speak with a heavy lisp and a lot of phlegm and needless to say our efforts aren’t really there yet. We keep getting a lot of confused looks and then have to resort to showing them the dictionary……

The winds have died down this week and so I have been able to work out in the awning. My little ‘office’ space consists of a stool to put my laptop on and a cushion for me to sit cross legged on. It works really well as I am able to work on opening my hips for my yoga at the same time as I work. I stick some incense on out there too and I have my wind chimes up as well so it feels like my own little space. I leave the awning door open so I have a nice breeze blowing through and the cats wander in and out for drinks of water and cuddles. When I think of all the different offices I have worked in over the years compared to this one it makes me chuckle but I know which one I prefer.






The cats have settled down really well, which just goes to show how resilient they can be. They love their new surroundings and the warmth has definitely given them a new lease of life. If we were back in the UK now they would be spending all their days on the bed because the weather is so cold and wet, but here they are out and about mooching around and snoozing under a nice shady bush. It has taken them a little while to get used to us all sleeping in the same ‘room’ at night. We have never let them sleep on the bed overnight before (as there are so many of them) but of course now we have no choice. It has been quite a novelty for them to be able to cuddle up with us and some nights there has been a lot of disruption as they jump on and off the bed and traipse all over us in the process. We now seem to have come up with a solution that they are happy with. I set up the lower bunk of the bunk beds for them and put their blankets down and then they have their own area to sleep in. So far it seems to have been very effective and once we put them there before we go to sleep they tend to stay put. The exception being Oscar who tends to snuggle in next to me if he possibly can and if he is really lucky (because I am asleep) he manages to get his head on the pillow next to me!! It is quite a shock for me to wake up to fishy breath and a furry face but he thinks it is bliss and obviously doesn’t mind waking up next to me and my slept in look!!!

We have been out and about discovering lots about our new surroundings and most things on our travels seem to be cheaper than back home. Petrol/diesel is definitely cheaper – we are paying about £1.00 a litre here which is great and we are making big savings on food shopping. I brought 6kg of oranges yesterday for just over £4.00 so am juicing for the next few days.

Some things are taking a little getting used to though – their driving is not that impressive – fast and furious seems to be the order of the day and it can get a little intimidating at times. Their directions or rather lack of them don’t help the situation either as you will see something sign posted once and then that is it you won’t see it again. Unless it is on the autoroutes and then they advertise the junctions about 50 miles ahead and before the previous one as well……Phone cards have been another tricky one, initially we used a phone booth type set up in an internet cafe which worked really well but hubby wanted to try a phone card so after trying in about 5 different places we finally managed to get one but then discovered they only work in some phone boxes and then intermittently. Seems we will be going back to the phone booths……

All in all though life is good and we are really enjoying our adventure thus far………



4 thoughts on “Two week update……

  1. We love reading your blogs and looking at the pictures (especially those of the cats!!!!)

    Pleased you’re enjoying your new life!
    Have a great birthday!!

    Much love from us (and B & C)

  2. Ahhhh…….yes everyone loves the cats!!!! We have three feral cats who are beginning to loiter around as well but not causing any trouble. They are very sweet and just want some attention. Hard to resist.

    Hope all well and you are keeping up with the WiiFit???

    Love to you both and the two herbertsxxx

    • Thanks hun, definitely enjoying Spain. Seems I would have had snow on my birthday if we’d still been in the UK so will be appreciating the sun big time for sure. xx

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