More recipes and why I love my man!!

Winter warmer soup is one of my favourite recipes for warming cold hands and toes, which going by all the comments of Facebook I would say that everyone in the UK and Ireland could do with at the moment, and its a cold soup – go figure. I’m going to post the recipe up on our new Options Online Health Club, so if you haven’t already joined follow the link and sign up.

It’s quite a spicy soup as it has red onion in it and tonnes of garlic so yesterday I toned it down a little and made what came out to be a rather tasty Cream of Tomato soup.

The ingredients (to serve 2)were as follows:-

  • 4 Large tomatoes
  • 1 avocado
  • Half a red pepper – as it was sitting looking lonesome in the fridge
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • Small squirt of shoyu sauce
  • Pinch of Himalayan rock salt
  • About 1/2 pint water – warmed if you want

Simply peel the tomatoes and then whizz everything together in a blender, taste, season accordingly and allí va (there you go!!) two bowls of delicious tomato soup.

The second half of today’s post concerns my man!! He is an engineer by trade and very much a left brained, technical kinda of guy as opposed to a right brain hippy chick like me. Anyway being left brained doesn’t hold much appeal for me – I’d much rather be out looking for fairies than working some complicated problem out so it’s just as well that I found myself a man who thrives on a challenge and solving little problems.

Spain is short of water and so the showers on site are the annoying type that you sometimes find in Leisure clubs. The sort where you have to press the shower knob in continuously to get a constant water flow. It’s not easy to shower one-handed and a little annoying but hey ho I was just getting on with it. Little did I know that hubby was coming up with a solution. He asked the other day if I had one of those large paper clips (the thick metal ones) which I found and off he went with it. Yesterday he proudly presented me with his solution to our water flow problem. He has fashioned the paper clip into something that fits around the shower knob and behind the tiles which then holds the knob in for you. Brilliant. So now I am enjoying my showers again and marvelling at the wonder that is my left brained man. I never would have thought of that solution in a million years.

Oh and it’s finally stopped raining and the sun has made a reappearance. Just in time for the weekend which is a bank holiday here in Spain so the campsite is likely to be busy as the Spanish come to enjoy a few days off.


2 thoughts on “More recipes and why I love my man!!

  1. I made soup today as well, and out of left overs but mine was very hot. And lovely to get some news about your OH, if that’s a recent photo, he hadn’t changed a bit xx

  2. Piccie of hubby was taken christmas 2006 dressed up for a party. He has lost a lot of weight since this was taken due to his problem with his adrenals/thryoid, and also has a very slight smattering of grey now!! he he. But still looks pretty much the same.

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