Two posts in one day!!

Not content with just the one blog I actually have two. The other one is attached to my main website – see here and up until now I used it to highlight things in the health arena that caught my eye or irritated me.

I haven’t used it for a while as due to the move it was all I could do to blog here, but I have started to blog there again from today. I have changed my approach though as I am also developing the website and creating a more online business.

So, from here on out this blog here at Helen’s Raw Food Journey (or as it will be known from here on out ‘Helen’s European Journey’ will be more about our adventures as we travel around Europe. The blog over at my website will be dedicated to the food I eat and the exercise I take. It just made more sense to me to keep that stuff under the umbrella of my business and have this place for the more fun stuff that I hope we will experience. Hope that doesn’t confuse anyone – especially as I have changed the name of the blog here but not the address………!!!!!

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