What happens when domestic cats meet a feral cat??

Move over, there’s a new kid on the block. Well strictly speaking my three fur babies are the new kids on the block but they have been undisturbed since we have been here. There are a few feral cats on site but have pretty much kept themselves to themselves since we arrived with the exception of missy here in the picture.

I fed her a handful of times when we first arrived – I know but I’m a sucker for a cute furry face – but I then decided that maybe I was biting off more than I could chew and so stopped. Last week we had a few Spanish on site and so it was a bit noisier than usual and so I didn’t see her all week but then two days ago she reappeared and pretty much decided that she wanted to move in!!

I am still not feeding her but that hasn’t dissuaded her from turning up several times a day and requesting attention!! She is very sweet but I was getting concerned as to the reaction of my guys when they saw her so close to their territory and home. This morning I got my answer as they meet face to face outside the tent. She seemed completely unfazed by the meeting happily sitting and watching what was going on. Oscar was quite perturbed to start with – some hissing and growling to make it known that he was boss. Then he slunk away and sat under the drying washing – sending mixed signals there Oscie!! and finally a lot of sitting and staring at each other ensued.

They were joined by a rather shocked Molly who went and sat in her usual spot under the bush not realising that Daisy (yes I have named her) was sat on the wall above. Cue some rather startled stares – ears back in the I’m not impressed position and very fat tail. She also growled but not until later when I had picked her up and she felt brave enough to voice her displeasure.

For the most part they all just sat in a circle staring at each other as if daring someone to move first. It was quite comical. In the end they all got bored and Daisy wandered off. I think things will probably be ok and they will get used to each other.

Spot Molly on the right hand side crouched down by the wall – she sure wasn’t expecting Daisy to be there!!

Damn – how did I get into this predicament???

The big stare out…..who moves first, it’s a matter of pride you know!!

So, no big scuffles or rumbles, just a fairly dignified acceptance of each other. Maybe we could learn something from our furry friends……..



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