New Year’s eve would normally find us partying with friends and seeing in the New Year in a drunken stupor – although the level of drunkenness has decreased as the years have gone on due to my recovery time now being about a week!!

We are not too sure what we are going to do tonight and aren’t actually that bothered if we go out or not. A glass of champagne over a nice meal and some thoughtful reflection of our year going by seems like a nice gentle way of easing 2011 into our live’s.

For the last few years I have made a ‘vision board’ for the things that I want to focus my attentions on in the New Year. I don’t like the term ‘New Year resolutions’ as to me that says that you have been doing things wrong and need to change them in the coming year. I would rather focus on the things that I would like to manifest over the next 12 months.

So, at some point today I will take some time to sit quietly and draw out my vision board. It will have to be smaller than usual so that I can stick it to a cupboard (and we only have small cupboards in Bessie!!) and then I can see it everyday.

Much has changed for us this year and I didn’t for one moment think when we sat welcoming in 2010 in that I would end the year sat in a caravan in Spain!! I am still having to pinch myself that we are really here. It just goes to show that when you truly desire something it will find its way too you no matter what obstacles you think may stand in the way. We packed up our lives in the UK and made this move in 8 weeks total. It wasn’t easy and we had many sleepless nights but it was sure worth it. Every time I step foot out of Bessie I am blown away that this is my journey.

For each and every one of my family and friends I wish that all the things you desire come to you in 2011.

Próspero año nuevo

6 thoughts on “2010

    • Thanks Leigh, teacher training going great!! very traditional but very interesting and have been singing mantras out loud on my own already – and loving it!!! Hope all well with you and you have a great 2011 too. xx

  1. Don’t need to be able to draw Candi – I do mine like a mind map. It will be a simple one this year as I’m all about simplicity at the moment and yes I may share some of it!! Hope you have a great 2011. xx

  2. Hi Helen

    So glad it’s all working out for you, John (and the cats!). Happy New Year and hope to be in touch with you again soon. Love Ann x

    • Happy New Year Ann, hope it will be filled with many blessings and lots of good things.

      Hope Claire got home ok and you had a great Christmas. Will email soon – am on training course now so am immersed in all things yogi. xx

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