So, yesterday was the end of my month long yoga teacher training course. Today I got to have a lie in before attempting to file my tax return online – am still attempting to file it several hours later but the least said about that the better as I may explode and that wouldn’t be very ‘yogi like’ !!!

The course was great and I learned so much in a short space of time. Coming from an Ashtanga yoga background – which is something of a power yoga – it was refreshing for me to learn a completely different style; although it did take some getting used to as the pace is so much slower.  I needed to expand my knowledge though as I knew there was so much more to yoga than what I had been practicing. I remember listening to someone once talking about yoga and saying that if you only ever look at one side of the mountain then that is all you will ever see. It is not until you climb to the top and look at the whole way around that you get the complete picture. That is what I feel I have accomplished with this training.

I now have such a better understanding of the roots and tradition of yoga that I can now see the whole picture. We covered a lot of the philosophy of yoga on this course and I have fallen head over heels in love with theBhagavad Gītā – one of the most important texts in the history of literature and philosophy and sometimes referred to as ‘the manual for mankind’.  Within its pages Lord Krishna states that the knowledge of Yoga contained therein was first instructed to mankind at the very beginning of their existence. Its words are just so meaningful and pertinent now as when they were first spoken.

One of the other great things about this course is that there was only two of us on it and so we both had so much individual attention. For me it was not so important to learn about ‘how’ to teach as I have been doing that for the past 6 years, but to be able to perform and execute the postures correctly and have the knowledge about why we do yoga etc, that was important. When you are in a big group (there were about 30-35 of us on the last training course I went on) then you get lost and the time spent on you and your knowledge is limited but here we had a month of pretty much 1-2-1 attention. We also got to ‘practice’ on some people that Maggie our teacher had invited along, one of whom had never practiced yoga before and one who had a fair amount of health problems and limitations so we really had to think on our feet and get a taste of what a real class with different abilities would be like.

I am so glad that I got to take this course here in the mountains of Southern Spain. The location was just perfect and for most of the course the weather was so good that we were outside the whole time practicing in the sunshine which just added a whole other dimension to the experience. At the moment the almond trees are coming into blossom and the valleys here are fragrant with their smell. It is quite intoxicating and a beautiful sight to see all the mountainsides dotted with pink and white flowers.

So, I am feeling pretty grateful to the universe for bringing me here and allowing me this wonderful experience and I am very excited about the next step as we start to plan our ‘Yoga and Raw Food retreats’ and where we are going next!!! It’s time to be thinking about moving on to somewhere else and experiencing more of what this journey has to offer us.

In the meantime here are some photo’s that I took on the last day of the course. The weather wasn’t so good so you will have to imagine the scene bathed in sunshine but it gives a good idea of what I have been up to for the last month.


Views and almond blossom

More views

The terrace where we did most of our practices and a lot of our studies

The ‘caravan’ where we studied when it was too cold to sit outside

Me receiving my certificate

Maria receiving her certificate




Well, you could be forgiven for thinking that I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel in posting about laundry!!! and you may be right but I am trying to give an honest view of life ‘on the road’ and I guess it can’t be rosy all the time??

As I posted yesterday the weather has gone decidedly ‘British’ on us and we are now into day 11 of cooler, cloudier weather, which is having a disastrous effect on my laundry basket.

Whilst we do have washing facilities on site – i.e a washing machine that goes at a snail’s pace – what we don’t have is any drying facilities other than airers and a makeshift washing line tied between two trees.

So, when the weather is cold and damp, the washing won’t dry and so my laundry pile is growing by the day. Now I could wash it and then take it down the launderette to throw in one of their dryers but seriously life is too short to be wasting time doing that malarkey. I know, I won’t ever make housewife of the year with that attitude (sorry mum) but how can I put this – I can’t be bothered!!

Turns out though that I may well have to reconsider that decision as this morning I discovered that I was out of matching undies suitable to wear to my yoga class – hangs head in shame – Now for those of you thinking that isn’t a problem it has to be said here and now that I have a bit of a major hang up about wearing matching undergarments and have done all of my adult life!! so for me this is something of a crisis.

So, do I take this is a prime opportunity to embrace my more bohemian/hippy chick side once and for all and throw all cares of coordinating knickers out the window or do I get my a**e down the laundrette???

Laundrette…….stay at home with a beer……..laundrette……stay at home with a beer……… !!!!!!

Winter and kittens!!

As my sister just said to me via Facebook – ‘Can’t be hot all the time sis!!’ Disappointingly she’s not wrong. I guess you could say that winter has hit Iznate. We have snow on La Maroma; note to hubby – won’t be climbing that then until it’s cleared!! and its bloomin’ freezing.

Tried to practice some yoga down in the restaurant on site (they let us use it as it’s not open at the moment) but we gave up after 40 minutes as my nose was running and I was starting to shiver – and I had 2 tops, a fleecy and 2 pairs of socks on!!

I know we can’t expect good weather all the time and it is only the middle of January but last week it was 25 degrees and I was in shorts and vest!

The cats are refusing to go out and have taken over the bed instead so I am trying to work in the midst of them all. But on the up side it is nice and cosy in the caravan and we are still very lucky to be here so I will stop complaining there.

Daisy our feral cat that we have been feeding since we arrived went missing last week. She disappeared for about 5 days before making a hasty reappearance on friday morning to eat before going again. We suspect she may have had kittens and has them holed up somewhere (hopefully in a place that is well protected and out of the cold) I am keeping an ear out for her today in case she leaves the kitties for some more food and am anticipating her bringing her babies to us at some point!! Hubby is obviously dreading this moment as he knows that it will be hard to resist little baby bundles of fur – for him as well as me. Am just thinking that we could stack the cat boxes one on top of the other in the back of the car when we go and get twice as many in!!!!

I’ll keep you posted on any kitten news.


Silly Post Alert!!!

Hubby’s keyboard retired itself from active service yesterday so it meant that last night we had to take a trip out to the supermarket to buy a new one. Ever since we have been on the road hubby has voluntarily!! accompanied me to do the weekly shop – or any shopping for that matter; something that rarely happened back home.

It took a few weeks to ‘train’ him to my approach to supermarket shopping – get in, hit it fast and get out again as quickly as possible – but now he no longer meanders down all the aisles it is quite nice to have the company. The supermarkets here are all in shopping malls and so there are plenty of other shops to look at or in and usually a cafe to have some refreshment in after.

Anyway I digress. Last night we hit one of the bigger supermarkets that we go too as we knew it had a good electrical department and sure enough we soon picked out a new ‘slim itsy bitsy’ keyboard – the perfect replacement to the old more chunky style one he was using.

We then nipped around the rest of the store picking up a few bits and pieces for the weekend. Whilst hot footing it to the ‘drinks’ aisle hubby suggested that I take a picture of the ‘bimbo’ bread that was on prominent display at the end of an aisle. ‘You can put it on your blog’ he said. Emmmmmm……I was mulling it over when I came to the next aisle and saw the following and decision made whipped my camera straight out……

And to accompany your morning cup of ‘bonka’ coffee how about???

a nice slice of ‘Bimbo’ toast………

I know, I know…..I did warn you this was going to be a silly post……..the best bit though was as we were walking away giggling to ourselves (no-one does school boy humour quite as good as the English right??) I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see a very stern looking security guard behind me who proceeded to inform me that photo’s were not allowed.

Whoops, apologies made we slunk off impressed with the speed with which we were ‘apprehended’, I mean seriously waiting for a policeman in the UK can take some considerably time, but take a photo of some food in a Spanish supermarket and within seconds you are tracked down and dealt with. Or maybe they are just used to the strange antics of English people coming in and taking photo’s of their food and then fall about laughing………..he he he ….happy days!!!!

Life in Bessie – an update

It will be 12 weeks this Friday since we hitched Bessie onto the back of our car and gave up living in a brick-built house in favour of the delights of living in a ‘tin can’, so I thought I’d update you on how things are going.

I am happy to report that life in a caravan seems to be going remarkably well. I keep expecting to wake up and be hit with sudden pangs of regret and nostalgia about living somewhere that involves opening doors to get into separate rooms – but it hasn’t happened (yet!!)

It has certainly taken some getting used to trading in life in a two bed-roomed, two bath-roomed, detached bungalow with heating and insulation and toilets that don’t need emptying every other day (thankfully not my job!!) but I think we are doing ok. Here is a little run down of some of the problems that we have overcome (or are still getting used too!!!)

One of the best things that we have done is to separate our sleeping area off from the cats at night (with curtains) Now the bed is no longer used as a trampoline with the cats bouncing over it at all hours. They are happy in their bed and we get a peaceful night’s sleep in ours.

The weather here is great but the down side for such lovely sunshine in the depths of winter is that when it rains you sure know about it!! No little drizzly showers here, the rain could break open a coconut it is that hard and furious. Trying to sleep in a tin can when it was raining therefore was a definite no-no even with ear plugs until we  found some new super Spanish ones that have obviously been manufactured with the weather in mind! These little beauties really do the job; probably a bit too well actually because world war three could break out in the shower block next to us and we wouldn’t know about it – we’d get a good nights sleep though!!

Ear plugs will also come in useful over the coming months when things begin to get a bit busier. We are lucky at the moment that we have the site pretty much to ourselves but once the holiday season gets in full swing then we are conscious that things will be a little different. I’m all for having a good time but we also have to work still as well so getting a good night’s sleep is kinda vital to our well-being. I think these ear plugs would drown out an AC/DC concert though so we should be ok – wish I’d had them when I went to said AC/DC concert many moons ago – might have enjoyed it more if I had!!!

One of the things I was a little worried about getting used to was using shower blocks all the time. We do have a shower in the caravan but as you can imagine it isn’t exactly very big and for some reason showering in something the size of a broom cupboard isn’t overly appealing – call me strange. So we have to rely on the site facilities for our washing.  Again we are lucky at the moment to have them pretty much to ourselves and for the most part they are good. I’ve definitely seen worse, been in worse and declined to step foot in worse! I have gotten used to trundling out into the early morning for my daily ablusions and since hubby made his patented shower device that means that we now get continuous water it makes for a more pleasant experience. I was in his bad books for a day or two though when I left mine in the shower and it disappeared. So I shared his for a while until I lost that one too and he made me make my own!! which I went and lost again and had to secretly make another!! Whoops…….I know but in my defense I am blonde!!

The other thing we were a little worried about was that it would get cold overnight during the winter months. December and January are typically the worst two months for the weather here and the coldest and we seem to have fared surprisingly well. We haven’t felt cold overnight yet and only need to use the heater first thing but it has only really felt chilly on a few occasions. The caravan is well insulated but I suspect if we were anywhere colder then it would be a different story. There were a few occasions traveling down through Northern France when I felt cold and had to put my woolly hat on overnight – poor hubby, although after 21 years together I suspect he has given up on the idea of me looking glamorous and reclining in bed in a silk negligee – its pj’s and socks for me!!

The kitchen area is the area that has taken the most getting used to and probably where I have lost it the most as it is the size of a postage stamp! With me and hubby eating completely different diets each meal time becomes a finely practiced drill in disaster management.  Anyone who knows me will vouch for how clumsy I can be so juggling pots, pans, ingredients, utensils etc in a very small area can be a tricky business. It’s best to stand clear, give me space and wear the ear plugs!!

Friday night back home was always ‘film’ night for us where we would open a bottle of something nice, stick a film in the DVD player and snuggle down with the cats for a few hours of escapism. We still have our film nights although now our TV is no longer of monster proportions (it’s the laptop) and if it is raining you can’t hear much but it’s a nice end to the week none the less and some habits are hard to break.

So, all in all living in Bessie is proving to be great fun and I am really enjoying it. Granted it wouldn’t suit everyone and I guess it helps that I am ‘low maintenance and enjoy the outdoor life’  (read can’t be arsed with makeup and am happiest in flip-flops!!) but then I guess if I  wasn’t then I wouldn’t be here would I………

Answers on a postcard……

Yesterday after spending the day cleaning and general DIY’ing (not sure how men always manage to find some DIY to do but even in a caravan hubby still found 3 or 4 little jobs that needed sorting!!) we decided to take our tea down to the beach and eat it whilst watching the sun go down.

I love being by the sea and it is especially nice when the day has been so warm and the skies are all orangey and pink. We parked the car up and wandered along the beach for a little bit although not for too long as the tide was coming in. Back in the car we were just tucking into tea when an elderly Spanish couple pulled up next to us and got out with a watering can, bucket and 4 large water bottles. This got our attention as you can imagine and we watched as Mr Spanish Man proceeded to go down to the water’s edge and fill up the bottles via the watering can and bucket. I couldn’t resist a sneaky picture although the flash went off as I was taking it so I suspect it wasn’t quite as sneaky as I had hoped!!

This lead to some hilarity in the car as we then tried to work out what they were doing?? (I know we are very easily amused!) Was it:-

  1. They had an shark in their back garden pond that they needed fresh sea water for??
  2. Mrs Spanish Lady was in fact a ‘mermaid’ and needed to bath her ‘mertail’ in sea water every night??
  3. They rang a sea food restaurant and needed the water for their tank of lobsters and crabs??

What do you think?? answers/suggestions below…….

Oh, and the sunset was pretty groovy too…….


It’s a cats life!!!!

Taking the decision to move abroad again took a lot of thought not least because of our mottle crew of furry companions. With two of them 17 years a piece and the third an overweight 11-year-old with only three legs (sorry Mol but the truth hurts!!) we couldn’t be sure that it was the right thing to do to drag them half way around Europe with us and subject them to life in a caravan and an ever-changing environment.

In the end though we decided that we would take the chance as they have been used to a certain amount of upheaval and change living with us over the years.

Now almost three months into our adventure and it looks as though our decision paid off. They seem to be three very content cats who have easily settled into new routines and surroundings and are just as happy, healthy (this weeks vets escapades aside!!) and lovable as ever.

Cats are nothing if not adaptable and as long as you provide them with routine and continuity they are ok. So, everyday starts with whoever draws back the curtains by the bed being greeted like this:-

Two eager little faces waiting patiently for food!! Oscar chooses not to be part of the morning welcoming committee as that is women’s work but he is very pleased to see us and more importantly his breakfast. Everyone fed there is then the queue for the litter tray as they all do their morning ablusions.  Next up is cuddles on the bed as mummy comes to with her cup of tea.

After a few more bowls of food and once the light comes up Oscar and Molly head out for a day’s sunbathing – unless its wet, windy or just overcast outside and then its back to the bed. Most days sees them like this though:-

They still have the same 5pm curfew that they have always had and so after the important work of the day is over in they come for their tea and then the more serious work of evening snoozes begins. Sunbathing is tiring business you know and so when the day is over and bellies are full there is only one thing to do:-

Whilst Oscar and Molly are certainly enjoying all the sunshine, Tinker chooses to live a more relaxed life. Once she has had her breakfast in the morning and is settled on the bed that is pretty much where she prefers to stay. She may go out once or twice a week for a few laps around the caravan but for the most part she is happy on the bed. She seems bright and alert and is eating, drinking and all the other things she should be doing. She especially loves cheese and will often come and sit on the chair behind me at tea time waiting patiently for me to finish and give her a little morsel of cheese. Then she’s back to bed happy and content.

So, we have no worries that our furry friends are not enjoying our adventure too……….it certainly seems to be a cat’s life as well.

Bubble of Bliss Restored!!!

Three trips to the vets in one week is a record for us and all with the same cat!! Molly was not impressed when we loaded her into the car last night to take her for her ultrasound. Cats have a way of sensing that things are about to turn pear-shaped for them and so just as we were about to leave Oscar provided a diversion by regurgitating his tea back into his food bowl and surrounding area and Molly took the opportunity to go and hide under the bed!! After 17 years though I am wise to their tricks and so vomit cleaned and Molly recovered from her hiding place we set off – in our car.

The car was fixed on Wednesday which was a very speedy service and our neighbour kindly took us to the garage to retrieve it so we didn’t have to rely on ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ to collect us and frighten the bejesus out of us all again!

Back to the vets – Molly had to suffer the indignity of:-

a/having her tummy shaved and

b/then having her fat pointed out – I mean come on give a girl a break for goodness sake and anyway it’s not fat she just has little legs!!

Anyway, the scan was all clear with just a few crystals in her bladder, which probably meant she had a urinary infection. Seeing as she is responding to treatment and didn’t feel that constipated when they examined her they just prescribed her some liquid paraffin to help move things along in the ‘number two’ department. Oh and they managed to sell hubby some ‘special’ biscuits to help restore good ‘bladder health’ when I wasn’t looking!!

So, our experience of Spanish vets has on the whole been a positive one. They were not as good as the French vet we had but not too bad. Expense wise they were on a par with prices back home, which was a shame as we had heard that they were somewhat cheaper here but this was not the case.

Our experience with Spanish breakdown recovery was very good and the garage was excellent and not overly expensive – again pretty much the same as back in the UK.

Our experience with Spanish taxi drivers……………………………..well you know my views on them!!

So, bliss bubble has been restored and I am happily sinking back into my hazy world of all things yoga. Two more days to go for this week and then two days off – well one day and then a study day. The weather is just perfect with sunny days spent outside practicing and teaching asana’s, discussions on philosophy, mantra chanting and lots of giggles. Perfect………..

How not to spend an evening!!

So, I am now into day 10 of my yoga training and it’s getting pretty intensive. Lots to remember and lots of homework. What you need is a calm, relaxed environment to come home to and sit quietly in whilst letting everything you have learnt from that day trickle through.

Unfortunately life ‘chez Bessie’ is far from calm and relaxing at the moment but last night really took the biscuit.

Molly is still poorly and so when I returned from the course yesterday we took the decision to return to the vets. Her appetite had gone again so no chance of getting the antibiotics into her and she still hadn’t urinated since Sunday morning despite drinking lots of water.

We loaded up Molly into her cat basket grabbed a few oranges and some water to eat and set off. Half way there I realised I had forgotten to put our documents in my handbag. In Spain it is compulsory to have your passports on you at all times and when in the car you need you insurance policy and breakdown cover. As I have been going up and down to yoga I have been putting them into my yoga bag (which is very full!) and then transferring them to my handbag when needs be but in the rush to get out I had forgotten. I brushed it off and thought no more of it – how wrong could I have been!!!!

We got to the vet which thankfully was a lot quieter than on Monday and we were seen within about 15 minutes. The vet we saw before examined Molly again and said her bladder was full but not worryingly so. She called her colleague in for a second opinion as she seemed a little flummoxed as to why things were obviously not working as well as they should be. After 5 days of not going to the toilet her bladder should have been very full. Her colleague also thought the situation was strange and it was decided that we should return with Molly for an ultrasound so they could get a better picture of what is going on. The appointment was made for 6pm Thursday night and so we left.

We got back in the car relieved that we hadn’t spent that long in the vets and that we would soon be home and DISASTER, the car wouldn’t start. We immediately thought the battery was dead and went back into the vets to see if they could jump-start us (we always have the leads in the back as we have been caught out before with other cars!). The receptionist came out and drove the vets van across, we set the leads up and nothing…….. so not the battery. We now realised that we needed to phone our breakdown cover BUT all the information was back at the campsite as I had forgotten it!! I stepped out the car for a moment whilst hubby composed himself!! and then we tried to work out what to do. Luckily my yoga bag was in the awning and so if we could get hold of one of our English neighbours then he could get it and give us the details. But we didn’t have his number! Luckily we did have the number for the campsite and so back into the vets to see if they could phone and explain the situation to Maria on the campsite reception; she speaks no English and our grasp of Spanish does not go beyond speaking face to face at the moment.

10 minutes later we had our neighbour Eric on the phone and within another 5 minutes we had the information we needed. Hubby then trotted off to ring the UK and organise our rescue. He returned 10 minutes later having sorted it out. Within 40 minutes the recovery vehicle was with us and after a bit of investigation work he determined that we would have to be towed to the garage about 5 minutes away. It was about 7.30 by now but he said the garage would still be open – thank goodness that they work a lot later here than in the UK.

Hubby and I clambered into the front of the truck balancing Molly and her cat basket on our knees and so began the first white knuckle ride of the evening. Not to be rude but Spanish drivers are ***p!! They drive very fast, brake rarely and always at the last possible moment and have a habit of doing anything other than concentrate on the job in hand – ie driving. Our very jolly recovery man drove us at break neck speed whilst also trying to do something on his mobile phone and read off his clipboard at the same time. Needless to say that we were grateful to arrive at the garage in one piece.

The owner of the garage – Juan spoke perfect English and after a quick discussion between him and hubby they had narrowed down the possibilities of the problem. They also ordered a taxi, part of the cover to get us home. After another wait of about 20 minutes to taxi driver arrived in a very posh car with leather seats!!

Unfortunately he got off on the wrong foot with me as he wanted to put Molly in the BOOT!! Em, ok I know several words and phrases in Spanish now but how about this one – NO!!

So, a few minutes later with Molly and I in the back seat and hubby up front we set off on the 30 minute journey home.

Now I have been to Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach, I have sampled the highest rollercoaster in the world and jumped out of a plane but nothing compared to the next half hour. Hurtling along with his seat belt warning signal beeping like crazy because typically he wasn’t wearing it I felt like my heart was in my mouth. Then we hit the auto route. It’s scary enough driving on these in your own car as the Spanish have a well honed knack for driving as close to your bumper as is humanly possible, over taking and then cutting back in so quickly that you are lucky if you survive the manoeuvre with all your paint still intact. I’m not sure why but he felt the need to drive at 120mph with his window open so we were being buffeted around like mad. Molly was getting more distressed by the minute and I found myself evilly hoping that she would have the urge to empty her bladder on his leather seats – either that or I would.

We made it to our turn off and then began the journey up to our campsite. The road up is windy with lots of hairpin bends and it soon became apparent that no-one had told our driver that it was best to drive on the right side of the road! He took every corner on the wrong side and in 4th gear it felt. There are a lot of stray dogs around and at one point a puppy ran across the road in front of the car. Most normal sane people would slow down if they saw an animal in their path but no he kept going and how the puppy escaped being hit I don’t know. Molly had her paw in my hand by this stage and I really can’t say who was comforting who??

I have never been more relieved to see the campsite and exit a car. Molly meowed solidly when we got in and then later in the evening had a panic attack which I am sure was brought on by the journey home.

She slept on the bed with us all night and this morning seems a little better. She is still not eating but has at last been to the toilet so we are focusing all our positiveness on her getting better.

Hopefully the car will be fixed today, if not we will have to organise for a hire car for tomorrow as we need to get back to the vet Thursday evening for Molly to have her scan.

Driving aside the breakdown cover actually worked really well and we didn’t have to wait to long for any part of it. It is reassuring to know that it worked so well as breaking down is bad enough let along in a foreign country. It is also a good opportunity for hubby to practice letting go of a problem. If we were back in the UK he would have insisted on fixing the car himself but here he has no choice but to let the garage sort it for us. Less stress all around!!

To be continued I am sure……………

La Maroma

La Maroma is a mountain that rises up out of the landscape just behind us at the campsite. At an impressive 2066m (or 6700ft in old money) it is a lot taller than any mountain we have back in the UK and taller than anything that we have climbed before.

But climb it we are going to, as hubby as set his sights on it and wont stop talking about it. We have found a route that goes from around the back and is supposedly the easiest. This route also starts from about 3000 odd feet so we get to skip the first bit which is a relief. It will still be akin to climbing Helvellyn  (3117ft – which I haven’t done) or Great Gable (2949ft – which I have) back in the Lake District.

From the top you can see the mountains across in Morocco, Africa so the views are sure to be amazing.

We are planning to do the walk in February when I have finished my teacher training so we will keep you posted. Hubby meanwhile is training on his bike and walking lots – unlike me who is just hoping that I will be able to get up and back down again with minimal effort put in beforehand!!!

And in other news……..we seem to have more than our fair share of poorly cats at the moment. Firstly Tinker was ill on New Years Eve of all nights and we spent the evening clearing up after her bouts of sickness and the other end!! Thankfully we still managed to enjoy our evening but I don’t recommend clearing up cat vomit as a good start to the New Year. She was in quite a state and at 17 years old you start to get worried that this may be the end. She made the ‘mother of all recoveries’ though and by the end of New Years day had pretty much fully recovered. Molly has now taken over in the sick stakes and has been very poorly for the last few days. She seemed to rally a little yesterday but is still far from right and so today we are going to have to take her to the vets.

Now going to the vets is always a traumatic experience all around. For Molly it involves a car journey (not good) then an examination and possible injections (really not good) and then the prospect of being force fed tablets for a prolonged period after (even less good). For me I have to see her upset and distressed and as I have to administer the tablets it means I get to be the one she likes the least for a week or two. Hubby suffers as he has to foot the bill which never seems to correspond with the amount of treatment they get!!

Add into the mix that we are having to do all of this in another language means that we are probably going to be in for a stressful few hours today! Mind you when we were in France we had the best vet ever. The surgery was like a hospital and one of the vets there was French/Irish and spoke the best English (and was quite dishy I seem to remember!!) They were also the cheapest vets we have ever had so it was a win/win situation – except for the cats of course.

Fingers crossed Molly’s illness is not serious and a dose of antibiotics will see her recover in super quick time. I’ll let you know…….