It’s a cats life!!!!

Taking the decision to move abroad again took a lot of thought not least because of our mottle crew of furry companions. With two of them 17 years a piece and the third an overweight 11-year-old with only three legs (sorry Mol but the truth hurts!!) we couldn’t be sure that it was the right thing to do to drag them half way around Europe with us and subject them to life in a caravan and an ever-changing environment.

In the end though we decided that we would take the chance as they have been used to a certain amount of upheaval and change living with us over the years.

Now almost three months into our adventure and it looks as though our decision paid off. They seem to be three very content cats who have easily settled into new routines and surroundings and are just as happy, healthy (this weeks vets escapades aside!!) and lovable as ever.

Cats are nothing if not adaptable and as long as you provide them with routine and continuity they are ok. So, everyday starts with whoever draws back the curtains by the bed being greeted like this:-

Two eager little faces waiting patiently for food!! Oscar chooses not to be part of the morning welcoming committee as that is women’s work but he is very pleased to see us and more importantly his breakfast. Everyone fed there is then the queue for the litter tray as they all do their morning ablusions.  Next up is cuddles on the bed as mummy comes to with her cup of tea.

After a few more bowls of food and once the light comes up Oscar and Molly head out for a day’s sunbathing – unless its wet, windy or just overcast outside and then its back to the bed. Most days sees them like this though:-

They still have the same 5pm curfew that they have always had and so after the important work of the day is over in they come for their tea and then the more serious work of evening snoozes begins. Sunbathing is tiring business you know and so when the day is over and bellies are full there is only one thing to do:-

Whilst Oscar and Molly are certainly enjoying all the sunshine, Tinker chooses to live a more relaxed life. Once she has had her breakfast in the morning and is settled on the bed that is pretty much where she prefers to stay. She may go out once or twice a week for a few laps around the caravan but for the most part she is happy on the bed. She seems bright and alert and is eating, drinking and all the other things she should be doing. She especially loves cheese and will often come and sit on the chair behind me at tea time waiting patiently for me to finish and give her a little morsel of cheese. Then she’s back to bed happy and content.

So, we have no worries that our furry friends are not enjoying our adventure too……….it certainly seems to be a cat’s life as well.

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