Answers on a postcard……

Yesterday after spending the day cleaning and general DIY’ing (not sure how men always manage to find some DIY to do but even in a caravan hubby still found 3 or 4 little jobs that needed sorting!!) we decided to take our tea down to the beach and eat it whilst watching the sun go down.

I love being by the sea and it is especially nice when the day has been so warm and the skies are all orangey and pink. We parked the car up and wandered along the beach for a little bit although not for too long as the tide was coming in. Back in the car we were just tucking into tea when an elderly Spanish couple pulled up next to us and got out with a watering can, bucket and 4 large water bottles. This got our attention as you can imagine and we watched as Mr Spanish Man proceeded to go down to the water’s edge and fill up the bottles via the watering can and bucket. I couldn’t resist a sneaky picture although the flash went off as I was taking it so I suspect it wasn’t quite as sneaky as I had hoped!!

This lead to some hilarity in the car as we then tried to work out what they were doing?? (I know we are very easily amused!) Was it:-

  1. They had an shark in their back garden pond that they needed fresh sea water for??
  2. Mrs Spanish Lady was in fact a ‘mermaid’ and needed to bath her ‘mertail’ in sea water every night??
  3. They rang a sea food restaurant and needed the water for their tank of lobsters and crabs??

What do you think?? answers/suggestions below…….

Oh, and the sunset was pretty groovy too…….


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