Meteor Shower

Yesterday hubby came back from his early morning work with the line ‘either we are being invaded or something weird is going on outside??’ Hmmmm….ok, explain what you mean by weird. Turns out he had seen a load of shooting stars or meteors but as he has never seen one before he wasn’t sure. We walked back up the hill and sure enough after standing peering at the still dark sky we saw more streaks flashing before our eyes. I have never seem more than one shooting star at a time so to see so many together was pretty amazing.

We are having some incredible weather here at the moment and so the skies overnight are very clear. Apparently this is a good area to see meteors because of that very reason.

The excitement of meteors aside I am now well and truly immersed in my yoga teacher training course and the fact that the sun is shining is such a bonus as it means we can practice and study outside. The others thought I was mad yesterday when I arrived in 3/4 length yoga pants, vest top and sandals until I explained that at 20 degrees this was like our summer. They still had jumpers, fleeces and boots on – and they thought I was mad!!!

At the moment all I have room in my brain for is yoga, its philosophy and lots of mantras so my blogs may be a little less frequent for the next few weeks. We are studying 6 days a week with homework as well so time is a little short!!