She’s back……

Daisy Duke – I know, I know – is back in the fold this week. As you know she went missing for about 5 days, reappeared for a brief visit one evening and then vanished again. We assumed she had produced kittens and kept our eyes open for any signs of her.

Then one day last week I decided to go and see if I could find her. I went up to the main portion of the campsite where all the permanent caravans are and stopped at the first plot that I came to. I called her name (she actually responds to anything but!!) and she immediately popped up from underneath the caravan. What do you know. I rushed back to fetch her bowl and some tuna which she devoured with gusto. She followed me back to our caravan and stopped for a while and then disappeared again.

The following morning she was back however and hasn’t left us since. So, no kittens – or any live ones anyway. We still suspect she had some but we had some really cold, cold nights and she is a very young cat herself so think that she may have been too inexperienced for them to have survived.

Anyway, she is a constant presence again and our cats have had to get used to her all over again. Oscar seems unfazed by her and even gave her a quick peck on the nose the other morning – I think he quite likes her. Molly is still growling and hissing although less so and Tinker – well she doesn’t go out much anyway so isn’t really that fussed.

I am worrying about how I am going to be able to leave her when we move on as she really is a sweet little cat. She comes and sits on my yoga mat when I practice and leans in on me and purrs whilst I meditate. So cute.

I predict lots of tears ahead……..


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