Cold Showers

I’m sitting here typing this because I am trying to pluck up the courage to go and have a shower, and they are cold; again. It has been an on-off problem since we got here, a lot more off than on it has to be said or we wouldn’t still be here. But it is still a problem. It is usually either because the gas has run out or because the thermostat has been (over zealously) turned down, which always seems to happen on a Monday after the Spanish have left for the week.

Sometimes I can bear a tepid shower but at other times, when it is a little cooler and you are standing buff naked in a unheated shower block – well those times there is just no way. Yesterday was one of those times and I grumpily got dressed again and stomped back to the caravan. Hubby has had enough of complaining so I was dispatched down to reception clutching my piece of paper with the right words on it to deliver the complaint. ‘Las duchas tienen frio – no butane’. All went well and Maria understood what I said but unfortuntely although the gas is now back on (hubby can hear the boiler) the water is still at best tepid.

Now I can go a day without a shower but two days is pushing it a bit and the hair needs a wash so I am just going to have to be brave and go for it. Hubby thinks that it is all a conspiracy to get us to leave (he has an overactive imagination for sure!) whilst I just think that they turn it down to save money and turn it back up when we complain – we are the only ones here using the showers for most of the time after all.

So, hubby will have to go and complain once more and I really do need to get up and get in that shower. I mean I have done worse, skydived, ran marathons, stood up in public and spoken, driven 1919 miles in a caravan……it’s just a little cold water…….how difficult and scary can that be………..aaarrrgggghhhhhhh…….

2 thoughts on “Cold Showers

  1. I don’t think it’s about being brave, it’s just that hot showers are something to be enjoyed, especially if you’ve a chilly run across the grass to get there. I would find a cold or tepid shower really miserable ((hugs))

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