Scuppered by a car park!!

We had big plans for this weekend, we were going skiing up in the Sierra Nevada ski resort. I had dug out our ski suits, found our ski socks, hats and gloves and was really looking forward to a day messing around on the pistes.

I started to do some research yesterday so we would know exactly where we were going and what we needed to do when we got there.

Weather forecast – check, that all looked good with lots of fresh snow over the last few days.

British Ski School – check, yep that looked good as well, somewhere to get our boots, skis and passes from.

All looking good so far, now how do we get there. Roads looked direct enough and although the road up to the resort was listed as ‘windy and narrow’ all of the reviews seemed to think that unless it was snowing there would be no problem getting the car up there without snow chains.

We were advised to steer clear of the weekends as they are very busy and you can spend hours queueing in the car to get up to the resort and then more hours wasted at the ski lifts so we decided to go on Monday instead. It will be Valentines day and although we don’t usually buy into all the mushy very expensive cards and flowers we do always make an effort to go out and spend the day together so this was perfect.

I then caught sight of a thread on a forum that had a lot of responses on it and started to read through. Things were looking good with most people impressed with the skiing…….but then……..someone mentioned car parking. This got my attention as since we have been in Spain we have had a problem parking our car in places. Most car parks here have teeny tiny parking spaces and unfortunately we don’t have a teeny tiny car. Its a people carrier and so quite long (and has a towbar) and rather tall as well. So usually we have to park diagonally across two spaces to make sure our ‘bum’ is actually in the space. The second problem we have is height restrictions. Underground car parks are a no-no for us as they always have a height barrier and we can’t get under it.

So, you can imagine my dismay when I read that the ONLY car parking in the resort was in an UNDERGROUND car park. NOOOO……surely this couldn’t be the only parking. I spent the next hour or so searching around and looking at different reviews and comments and it would seem that yes this is the only car park. You can sometimes try your luck and park on the approach road to the resort but there is no guarantee that you will find space and it did advise to push side mirrors in as the road is narrow. Ummmmm didn’t fancy that option, it’s a long way to go to find that there wasn’t any space and a big chance to take that the car would still be in one piece when we returned.

For now then the plans to go skiing are on hold and we will have to find somewhere else to go on Monday. I am trying to find another way of getting up to the resort – maybe parking somewhere else then getting a bus up but I’ve yet to have any success. I don’t quite understand what it is with the car parking spaces and why they ALL seem to be so small. It’s not as if it’s just one or two places that are like it but everywhere. They seem to be very discriminate over larger cars and especially those with big bums!! Then again there are a lot of things about Spain that I just don’t get; but that is another post for another day.

Hasta luego mis amegos

2 thoughts on “Scuppered by a car park!!

    • Ha ha……yeah, driving us nuts too. What is it about Spanish car parks??? just one of the many things I don’t get. We have attempted to drive into Malaga on two occasions but its a nightmare so we stopped that – way too stressful……all good fun though.

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