Fleas and munchkins!!

Fleas……..the scurge of pet owners world-wide. In the 17 years that we have had the cats we have had exactly ZERO infestations of the horrible little critters. When we first got the cats I was careful and used flea collars and then later Frontline which is a liquid in a pipette that you put on the back of their neck. Me being me though I wasn’t always regular about the application and over the years stopped bothering at all – especially when they weren’t getting any visitors. Even when we lived in France we got away with it and I assumed that they must have built up some immunity to them over the years. Wrong……

Oscar started it all off a few weeks ago by scratching and when I took a closer look I found the tell-tale ‘flea dirt’ around his neck. I decided to try and approach their treatment in a natural way and got on the internet to see what I could do. Diluted lemon juice, white vinegar, citronella and lavender essential oils are all supposed to keep fleas at bay and so we tried each of them – except the white vinegar which you can’t get here!

It seemed to help for a while and the situation certainly got no worse. I saw one flea on Oscie but other than that my daily inspection only found the dirt. Not to be left out though Molly and Tinker started scratching away this week as well and after I found another lone flea on Molly we decided that perhaps we did need to take some more action. A trip to the vet yesterday and we picked up a 2 month supply of Frontline which was on special offer – just as well as at 30 euros flea extermination is an expensive business.

So, yesterday afternoon they were all ‘frontlined’ and hopefully we have contained the situation.

Shame we can’t contain the other situation that has arisen – the invasion of the munchkins. Weekends on site are getting busier as the Spanish come to enjoy their two days of free time. Trouble is they brings their munchkins (kids) with them. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate children: the child catcher from Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang scares me as much as the next person (and is it wrong that we have that film in our DVD collection!!?? I have no problem with kids that I have a common interest with – ie their parents – it’s the ‘other’ kids that I don’t much like. Especially when they are given free reign as they are here on the campsite. It is obviously great fun here if you are a kid as there is tonnes of space to run wild in which is something that they take very seriously.

They hurtle around the site in packs, squeaking at the top of their voices like mickey mouse on helium. They appear as if from nowhere and are scarily fast. The thing that disturbs me the most though is that I can’t understand them – it’s as if they have one over on me as I don’t speak their language and therefore they know absolutely that they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

We were sat outside for lunch just now and two of them appeared on bikes and cycled right into our little plot, got off their bikes, stood them up against the awning then ran off for something. Hubby spluttering over his lunch tried desperately to think of something to say in Spanish to make them leave but the best he could do was ‘por favor – ****off’

We probably sound like a couple of old bears and we probably are, but having decided not to have kids of our own we are sometimes less than enamoured to put up with other people’s. Its something that we need to get over before the summer because the campsites will be teeming with munchkins of all shapes, sizes and nationalities by then.

Unless of course we find an adults only site……..trouble is the only one of them around here is a nudist site and I don’t think we dislike kids quite that much yet……….

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