More cat woes and a taste of summer…

It’s official, my cats are on some sort of campaign, each taking it in turns to be poorly and leading me to losing both sleep and money down the vets. Is this their revenge for dragging them all the way across Europe me thinks??

Oscar started the ball rolling as he usually does by throwing up in the middle of the night when we first got here, this went on for about 2 months and got to the stage where we had to put bin bags down on the floor every night. Thankfully this seems to have stopped now but the bin bags still go down as a precaution. Then Tinker was ill on New Years Eve with D&V – nothing like welcoming in the New Year whilst holding a vomiting cat!! After New Year it was Molly’s turn with the mystery illness that had us down the vets three times in one week. Then it was Oscar again doing a very good impression of a dying cat for about a week before recovering in miracle time – he is now back to normal and some!

Tinker then decided it was her turn again and was dribbling a lot and had breath that could floor Mike Tyson.  So assuming it was her teeth we made an appointment and took her down the vets on Tuesday evening. The vet had a look in her mouth and her gums were fine. The problem was not her teeth but a very nasty looking growth under her tongue. It is ulcerated and infected where she has bitten it whilst eating and obviously causing her a lot of discomfort – it did me just looking at it. She is on antibiotics and cortisol to reduce the swelling and we have to take her back next week so they can have a proper look once all the swelling is gone. These growths are normally cancerous though and fairly aggressive and I think the vet was trying to prepare us for the fact that there is not a lot they can do. At 17 she is considered an elderly cat and as having a good innings etc etc……

Not so to us, she has years left in her yet and so when we got her home I got on the internet and started to see what we could do naturally. One protocol that kept popping up on all the sites is that of a Dr Johanna Budwig. It combines either cottage cheese or quark with flaxseed oil. The oil is rich in omega 3 and a protein in the cheese converts this oil from fat soluble to water soluble therefore by-passing the need for the liver to convert it, which is often under stress when someone is ill.  It has been used for both humans and animals and has had a lot of success having been around since the 50’s – so simple; funny we never get to hear about these things isn’t it??!!

So, I went down to the health food shop and got some flaxseed oil and then to the supermarket where I managed to get some quark. Tinker has been lapping it up and begging for more so hopefully we will see some improvement by next week. I’ll keep you posted.

At the beginning of this week we were promised a mini heat wave!! not likely I thought as we were still getting some really strong winds – strong enough that the towels I washed without the spin setting (I didn’t notice it wasn’t on and couldn’t be bothered to use up another token just to spin them) dried in about 2 hours, from dripping!!

Well I was wrong and yesterday and today have been gorgeous. Trouble is when it gets hot outside the inside of the caravan turns into a sauna. I am working in the awning so I’m ok!! but poor hubby is sweltering. All the windows are open, the door and both vents but it’s not helping much. Last night I cooked hubby and the cats their meals (separately they don’t eat the same thing) and was down to my undies by the end of it; slightly dangerous it has to be said. Hubbie’s tea for tonight is in the slow cooker instead to reduce using the cooker as much but I’m thinking that if this is only February what will it be like in the height of summer; only one thing for it he will just have to become raw like me!!

Oscar on the other hand is making the most of the sunshine, he’s a freak of nature this cat. Being a Maine Coone with lots of long fur you would think he wouldn’t like the sun but Oscie is a bigger sun worshiper than me!!

2 thoughts on “More cat woes and a taste of summer…

    • Thanks honey, we are positive she will pull through this. She is bright and alert and more than happy to be eating so much cheese! so we will see how she goes. x

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