Slow news day…..

It has been that sort of a week – nothing much happening, all a bit grey. Even the sun has disappeared on us.

Since Tinkers diagnosis last week we have not felt like venturing far from home content to just be with her in case things deteriorate. That’s the trouble when you are given time limits, you find yourself fixating on them too much. She has definitely gone down hill over the weekend and getting her to eat anything is proving to be a major task. She has gone off the quark so the diet protocol is now out the window and we are just happy that she will eat anything at all, but all her favorites seem to hold little interest for her. Cream cheese is still a sure bet though so at least I am still able to mix her painkiller into that. She is still purring and wanting attention though so we are hanging on in there with her.

We spent much of the weekend on site and had some interesting ‘neighbours’ who spent most of their time shooting at a fence with some air pistols – strange behavour for sure!!

We drove into town on saturday morning to buy some fibre glass to fix a small hole in the side of the caravan – damaged by a overhanging tree on the journey down. Hubby also wanted to adjust the wheel bearings on the caravan and we had to buy a jack as some wicked women had made him leave his trolley jack at home (well down the rubbish tip actually; and in my defence if he hadn’t left clearing out the garage until the morning of our move he may have been able to bring it but as it was by that stage all space in the car/caravan had been earmarked for other use.)

Being an ex engineer hubby doesn’t often relinquish car jobs to other people, you know people who have more time and space and facilities to do these sort of things, what do you call them, oh yes MECHANICS… No, hubby much prefers doing the job himself and then spends hours telling me how the design of various different engines is all wrong. I try to be interested but am afraid that I normally glaze over after a few seconds of said engineering rant. Doesn’t stop him though, oh no, and I am always called upon to help with whatever job has presented itself. These ‘jobs’ usually involve me with my hand shoved deep inside the engine (because mine are smaller than his: lucky me!!), or laying under the car, or hammering something, or pulling something all the while getting covered in oil that refuses to come out for a week, breaking finger nails, standing in the pouring rain, howling wind or sometimes even snow and quietly wondering why my ‘Prince Charming’ had to come complete with a full set of Haynes manuals…..

So, you will understand then why my blood turned cold when he cheerfully announced at the weekend that the caravan needed some maintenance work and that my help was required!!! I tried to put on my bestest ‘of course I’ll help face’ but it obviously read ‘oh bloody hell’ as hubby was remarkably calm and chilled about the whole procedure, managed to only comment on the previous mechanics workmanship once and then quickly stated ‘that I’m only thinking out loud’ and it was all over in under the hour!! All I had to do was stand and watch that the caravan didn’t move when jacked up and the handbrake taken off (we aren’t on a level site) That was it, no oil, grease, rain, grit, broken nails, scuffed knuckles, nothing…….nada…….hmmmm I wonder if this is a sign of things to come??

Sunday was a rainy day and so I sat on the bed all day with Tinker and sorted through all our scanned photos putting them into files. It took all day but was a fun job looking back over our life so far. I have put some of the pictures up on my facebook page – you can see them here. I think that was the last of the jobs left over from our move and it feels good now to have them all out of the way. To have all our photo’s together in digital format (stored in more than on place) is cool and a lot less space is required! We had nearly 8000 photo’s in albums from the days before digital cameras that we couldn’t bring and didn’t want to store so this is the ideal solution.

So, no other news I’m afraid. Our next move has been put on hold for a few weeks whilst we see how Tinker fairs. We didn’t want to stress her out with a days travelling at this moment in time so we are reviewing the situation as we go. Granada will have to wait a few more weeks. Lets just hope hubby doesn’t find anymore car jobs in the meantime…….


One thought on “Slow news day…..

  1. Well, maintaining a caravan has to be a bit easier than maintaining a house, so I see less broken fingernails in your future! Also sending good vibes to Tinker xx

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