Rainy days always get me down……

It’s raining, it’s been raining for days and it’s due to rain for at least another week. 😦 I’m beginning to realise that this is the downside to living in a caravan. We’re couped up and fed up and I need to have a moan about it!!!

So, in no particular order and purely for entertainment value of course !!! my annoyances with the rain are:-

  • Not being able to get outside and practice yoga, unless of course I go down to the restaurant on site and practice there. Seeing as that would involve wrapping up like an artic explorer though (it is very cold in the restaurant) that option is immediately ruled out. (I have a very low threshold for doing anything when I am cold)
  • I can’t do any washing so the laundry basket is looking shockingly full: surely two people can’t really create so much dirty clothing??
  • When it is cold and wet outside it gets damp in the caravan. Hubby is ever so slightly paranoid about this since we have a damp patch underneath one of the windows that needs attention. His solution is to open all the windows and cupboards and try to dry things out with the electric heater, which is up the other end of the caravan to me and the cats at the moment so we are all huddled under a blanket trying to stay warm. Not helping with my mood I can tell you and I’m plotting my revenge as I write, which may just have to have something to do with the chemical toilet (don’t ask too many questions but we only use it for the nicer of eliminations or maybe not today and no I don’t empty it :))
  • The noise of the rain on the roof (ok, I am probably scrapping the barrel with this one, but you don’t realise just how LOUD rain is until you are sitting in a tin can!)
  • Damp towels – I can’t dry my towels out and I hate nothing more than having to dry off after a shower with towel that is not lovely and dry and toasty. You spend all that time getting lovely and warm; and yes the showers have been piping hot for weeks now, and then within seconds of wrapping that damp towel around you everything is cold again…..arrrgghhhh

And talking of showers I am having to share them at the moment with some most unwelcome guests.Crane flies have appeared on site in their masses. They are everywhere almost as if there is an international crane fly convention going on. I used to hate them and run screaming at the mere sight of them but have learned to live with them over the years; unless they fly straight for my face, which you have to admit they have a tendency to do, and then any amount of screaming and flapping around is justified in my book. Sharing my shower with them is a definite no-no though and so I now have to perform a careful inspection of the shower cubicle every morning. This mornings inspection was not so thorough as it turned out as one had sneaked past me and I didn’t spot him until I was just about to step under the torrent of lovely hot water. Damn, water off and clothes back on whilst I dealt with him. Add to this the fact that it just seems so much more effort going for a shower in the rain and you can understand that getting ready in the morning can sometimes be soooo exhausting.

So as you can see life in Spain is not always about sunshine, manana and sangria. No sometimes it is rain, damp and crane flies but I guess that at least I am getting the opportunity to find that out and the up side of all this rain is that the cats don’t want to go out and are therefore available for warm, snuggly cat cuddles……which puts me in mind of an afternoon snooze myself…….



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