Time flies……

Time flies when you’re having fun or so the saying goes and that certainly seems to be the case for us. When we arrived here back in November the plan was to stay for 3 months but as with all plans we seem to have stretched it a little and we are now edging towards our 5th month on the same site. Not much of a physical journey so far (omitting the 1919 miles it took to get here of course) but emotionally it has been quite the experience.

Getting used to living in a space the size of most people’s bathrooms has been interesting and there have been a few tantrums and tiaras being hurled but we both seem to be happy in our little tin can. Letting go of our ‘material footprint’ was a biggie but now it is done I think I can speak for both of us and say that we feel – and no pun intended here – lighter for the experience. Although it has to be said that hubby is still mourning the loss of his waterproof jacket that exited stage left somewhere between Diss and northern France and hand on heart it wasn’t me this time!! 🙂

My yoga course back in January delved into the more spiritual side of yoga and I emerged with a different perspective and viewpoint that has been unexpected but very welcome to me. It has given me a calmer outlook and I feel I have stepped out of my own shadow and into my truth. It continues to unfold and work its way into my life and I am enjoying watching it develop.

Then of course we had all the emotion surrounding Tinker’s short illness and departure from this life. We are still raw with losing her and trying to adjust to her absence but thankful that she came and spent her life with us.

But, we are now ready to move on and are making plans to get Bessie back on the road and head off down the coast towards Portugal. We have friends coming over to visit next week for a long weekend and then once they have gone we are packing up and heading out.

We plan to head towards Tarifa for a month and spend some time closer to the beach. Hubby is keen to get his windsurfer back on the water and I want to do some running on flat surfaces and not ones that have me gasping for breath after a few yards. Seriously just getting out of the site is a major cardio workout in itself!!

I am excited to be thinking about moving on – a month doing yoga in the beach sounds idyllic right now. The weather is finally drying up and the promise of sunny days returning is bringing a smile to my face, forecast to be 73 degrees at the weekend 🙂 woo hoo…..this traveling lark is seriously fun…


One thought on “Time flies……

  1. 65 degrees F here in Ireland today 😀 But I don’t expect it to last…the beach in Portugal sound idyllic: I’m forecasting a lovely summer ahead for yourself and hubby!

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