Hmmmmm….a post about her laundry, now she’s really scrapping the barrel you are probably thinking and you may be right but bear with me as I try to explain.

Part of coming on this epic journey (there is another reason other than the sunshine honest 🙂 ) was to see how I could make my life more simple. How I could manage with less baggage around me and with less paraphernalia to use.

It has always seemed to me that everything rely on to get us through the day requires energy of some description to make it work. Electricity, gas or oil and lets face it all those things are not in unlimited supply; well electricity maybe if we can find another way to harnass it that doesn’t require using water, gas, oil or nuclear power.

So when we decided to travel in a caravan I was interested to see how much energy we could save by living this lifestyle. That we no longer have to heat and light a whole house is obviously a big saving and that I only eat raw food and have upped hubbies intake has also lessoned cooking times so another there.

Obviously we still have to fuel the car but we only use it once or twice a week for the shopping and I am hoping we can lower that as well by cycling to the shops when we can.

The other thing I got to thinking about was the washing and this week I have started an experiment in washing most of our clothes by hand (gasp). I have done three lots so far and it is actually strangely satisfying to me to be doing it this way; yes maybe the sun has gone to my head!

At home and also back at the other site I seemed to be doing about 5 loads a week, which for 2 people seems a little excessive so my hope is that I can reduce that to maybe just one or two load a weeks for towels, sheets and the really smelly stuff; remember I exercise every day!!

Of course it helps immensely that the sun shines so brightly that getting things dry without spinning them is not a problem and wringing the clothes out is also really good exercise for the hands and wrists (please control the need to comment further on that point!). I’m sure I wouldn’t be trying this if I was back in wet and grey Diss.

I am thinking that maybe I can buy a little mangle (if they still make them that is!!) I can remember helping my Grandma put her washing through one when I was little and I loved it. Seeing all the water squeezing out and everything coming out the other end all flat and smooth.

Ok, now I am sounding like I am a little odd so I’ll stop there but will keep you posted on how my experiment goes – bet you can’t wait…


One thought on “Laundry….

  1. It’s certainly an interesting experiment (not for me lol) and I’m looking forward to the photo of the mangle in action – there seem to be plenty available via google…couldn’t resist checking 🙂

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