Gearing up for the Easter Weekend…

With the Easter weekend approaching the campsite is beginning to fill up and every time I stick my head out the door there appears to be yet another tent gone up and another car door open with music blaring out.

We are going to be in for a noisy few days and we are trying hard to stay cool. Trouble is most of the groups of tents that have cropped up are young lads who sound like they are at a football match. At the moment one of the said groups are driving around the campsite hanging out of their car; some in the boot, with their music blaring out chanting at the top of their voices. They have been drinking since yesterday lunch time with a brief respite at around 7am this morning when they finally shut up – I guess they passed out.

There are some Spanish families on site with small children and you would think that they would have said something but I guess the girl on reception isn’t keen on confronting a group of 15 or more drunken lads on her own!

So, what to do. Keep our heads down and hope for the best or stand up and say something. I’m pretty certain hubby won’t be able to keep his cool all weekend!

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for people enjoying themselves and having a good time but when that crosses over to making other people feel intimidated and fearful then that is not on. Why should I have to sit and listen to someone getting more and more lairy and pissed up and wonder where that may lead to???

The only thing that we can hope for is that the weather does what it is forecast too. Suddenly I am grateful for the rain which hammered it down all morning. It is due to be wet with thunderstorms tonight so that should dampen spirits a little – I hope. And the forecast for the weekend is pretty dire. 🙂

I’ll keep you posted ….. bar humbug……


2 thoughts on “Gearing up for the Easter Weekend…

  1. Sometimes I worry like that too whenever I’m with my brother. I see a drunk guy or a gang member, or just about any buff scary looking guy and start to freak out. And before you know it I see a little girl running up to them and notice it’s their daughter. For some reason this makes me calm to think they have a kid and if they are with them they wont do anything dumb. My point is, although you wont let your guard down about what might happen, don’t forget to enjoy your weekend too! Maybe it would help to picture them with a kid.


  2. Thanks for that Rosa, I think most of them left today, after trashing the toilet block last night and destroying a load of patio furniture from the bar area!! go figure! It is frustrating and annoying that the small majority of people act that way, but then I guess alcohol and drugs (they were openly taking drugs) does that.

    I am glad we are booked onto a small site over the summer months as I couldn’t put up with this sort of thing for 6 weeks solid. It was probably a good think as we would definitely avoid the bigger sites in future so we have learned a valuable lesson this weekend.

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