Six months on…

It seems a lifetime ago when we were sat in the wee hours of a cold and wet October morning waiting to board the Channel Tunnel. With three very disgruntled cats in the back and numerous cups of black coffee trying to hold back the crushing tiredness that had taken up residence in our bones; we felt less like excited travelers off to conquer the world and more like two startled rabbits caught in the headlights of a passing juggernaut.

Thankfully 6 months can make a big difference and memories of that night have been banished to the deep recesses of our minds. Life now has a more peaceful and tranquil pace to it; even hubby has calmed down considerably in our 6 months away. In some ways it seems like no time at all has passed and in others it seems like we have always been living like this.

My fears that I would quickly get fed up of living in a caravan have failed to materialise and I am still head over heels in love with the easy and simple way of life it offers us. We have stayed true to our word and continued to let go of some of the material possessions that we brought with us. Things that we haven’t used in the 6 months since we left the UK will soon be finding themselves new homes as we prepare to move on with our travels and head into Portugal later this week.

Spain has been a lot of fun, we have met some great people, visited some interesting (and not so interesting) places and tried to get our heads around the Spanish road system; to no avail. I still don’t know who has right of way half the time and trying to follow signs can lead to an early grave from the stress it causes!

One thing I have learned about Spain that I didn’t realise is that it can get very windy! From nearly being blown off a viaduct in the caravan in Almeria to having my sunglasses torn from my face in Cadiz it seems that everywhere we have gone the wind is never far behind. The only saving grace is that when the wind does die down the sun is never far behind.

We have had plenty of adventures whilst we have been here; off-road driving and being rescued by Raphael springs to mind, whilst climbing La Maroma back in Iznate was certainly a highlight. Seeing Eagles flying overhead up in the mountains on Christmas Eve was breathtaking and having friends to stay for a few days back in April gave us a time off to behave like tourists and enjoy good food, company, a few to many drinks and explore more of the coastline than we might otherwise have done.

Of course it hasn’t all been plain sailing and losing our dear beloved Tinker was a low spot for us and she is still missed by us all and hubby is fast learning that rain, caravan and wifey don’t necessarily mix; at least not for days on end.

But we have enjoyed our 6 months in Spain and getting used to a completely different way of living. On Thursday we set off for a two-day drive to our ‘summer site’ in Portugal. Neither of us has been before so we are looking forward to the experience and wondering how different it will be from Spain. The language looks more complicated 😦 so more vain attempts at getting the locals to understand what we mean will ensue for sure that usually result in sign language and desperately pointing at key words in the dictionary!

It promises to be fun though….hope to see you there!!??


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