I said just a trim…

My gorgeous boy Oscar is a Maine Coon – all lovely long silky fur, a mane around his neck and a wonderfully bushy tail. He also has (and this is my favourite bit) tufts of fur between each toe; adorable.

Yesterday though we gave him a hair cut. As you can see quite a big hair cut!

The reasons for this dramatic decision were three fold:-

  1. The heat – the poor boy is getting seriously hot. The temperatures has been nudging the mid 80’s here all week and at 18 years old he is not coping as well with the heat as he has in the past. We spent 18 months in France about 9 years ago and whilst we were there we had a major heatwave; 4 weeks of 100 degree plus temperatures. The lad was younger then and would be the first out the door each morning to take up his sunbathing spot for the day. This time around though he seems to be more effected by the heat and flops out in the shade for much of the day only crawling out for drinks of cool water.
  2. Grooming – he has never been a big fan of being combed and it was always a struggle to groom him. Luckily his fine fur meant that he doesn’t need the daily attention that Persians do but I do still need to keep on top of it. Problem is though that he now suffers from Rheumatism in his back legs and hips (is a common problem with Maine Coons as they are such large cats). It has got so bad now that it is just too painful for him to be combed at all and his fur is now getting matted. I cut the matted bits out on a regular basis but having the whole lot cut seemed a better solution.
  3. Ticks and fleas – we have never had a problem with fleas until we came to Spain (I think I have already done a post on them). Now we are in Portugal it is even worse as we are surrounded by meadowland and long grass and that means ticks as well. I don’t want to use Frontline on them as a/it is not good for the cats and b/living in a small space it won’t be any good for me and hubby either. So we are managing to keep on top of them by spraying the cats with a 50/50 solution of apple cider vinegar and water once or twice a day (this has been really effective and they have hardly any on them now) and combing with a flea comb twice a day. Molly loves the combing bit so she is easy but Oscar is obviously not so keen although he doesn’t mind his neck being combed which is where most of them are anyway. So, for him shorter hair seemed a better idea as then I can see them easier.

All these points added up until it was clear that a haircut was the only solution. He was a good boy and stayed still for the most part although he was not happy when I got to his back legs and cried a little; lots of cuddles and kisses helped. It’s not the best hair cut in the world but it has taken years off him!! he actually looks just like he did when we first got him. At six months old he hadn’t grown into all his fur and it was still short and spiky. He looks really cute and cuddly and doesn’t seem bothered by his hairdressing experience!!

Still a beautiful boy!

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