Estremoz and more of Evora!!…

Estramoz is our nearest town – it is where we do most of our food shopping. Like most of the towns around here it is steeped in history. It is the largest marble town in the province of Alentejo in Portugal. Its castle, turrets and city walls from the 13th century are perched high on a hilltop and are still remarkably intact.

It is not difficult to be transported back to medieval times as you walk around these little towns with their narrow cobbled streets, white washed buildings and city gates and archways. Life seems to have stopped here and you half expect a knight to come charging over the cobbles on his horse heading out to battle.

We went for a wander around on Friday evening; with the sun less fierce and an early evening breeze blowing it was the perfect time to climb to the castle for a look at the view.

View admired and photos taken we retired to a restaurant that has been built in what was once the prison. We sat outside and marveled at the quiet whilst sipping a well earned beer (well I did, hubby was driving!)

Early the next day we set of into Evora to do the shopping (supermarkets here in Portugal open at 8.30am and not 10am like in Spain) Shopping done we then went for a wander around town. This time of day before the sun gets too hot is also a perfect time to be tourists and roam the quiet streets,window shopping and taking photos. Once is started to get too hot we stopped in the main square for refreshments before heading back to the car and home for lunch. A perfect saturday morning.

The castle walls of Estremoz

This doorway looked and felt really old. Imagine all the people that have walked through it….

The 13th century castle was also the Royal Palace

Having a rest at the top

Ahhh… stop!!

The restaurant/bar was once the old prison; lovely now but I bet it wasn’t always as nice!

Early morning in Evora – hubby proclaimed he had never seen trees with purple flowers before !!! – bless…

Everywhere you look there are glimpses of the past, old skylines and architecture nestling amongst the new.

I seem to be drawn to buildings at the moment. I loved this ornate window.

Me in my new floppy ‘Brigitte Bardot’ style sun hat – a bargain at only 3 euros 50!!!

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